Friday, 23 February 2018

Gymnastic Skill 
Ring / Bar Muscle ups 
Kipping / butterfly 
HS walk 
clean grip OH squat 5 x 3 
hang clean + jerk  5 x (2+2) 
clean high pull  5 x 3

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Engine / moving 
30 min EMOM 
min 1 - 15/12 cals row 
min 2 - hollow rocks  
min 3 - 15/12 Cals Bike   
min 4 - superman rocks 
min 5 - 15/12 cal Ski erg 

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Please see below to plan your food for the Saturday Social, if you can't make the Saturday please sort out your donation with a team mate 

Team 1 - Afternoon tea and sandwiches 

Daniel banfield 
Debbie barns  
Emma kelly 
Nia Milenova 
Anna Hayden 
Sarah akin-smith 
Nick Watkins 
antony blair 
jack jesseman 
kelly rogers 
robert sykes 

Team 2 - Latin 

caroline watson 
skarlot leon 
Brooklyn carter 
Nathan Thompson 
james mcewen 
chloe walker-panse
carl roberts 
david ellis 
cristina lujan barroso 
melinda magyar 
Team 3 - Cheese and Biscuits 

justine sadler 
ese kousin 
Shannon loughlin 
Rebecka Asp 
luke sutcliffe 
Adam tipper 
tom Woddley 
simon wheeler 
jenna udall 
alice debnam 

Team 4 - Paleo 

hannah martin 
ryan parker 
Joe summers
hayley Paterson 
Roger woodall 
hayley tipper 
james akin-smith 
natalie andrew 
nick phelps 
nada nabil 

Team 5 - BBQ and drinks 

nicole mundy 
andrew collinson
chantal scott
martyn lever
Mike Kelly 
Fiona macdonald 
claire dryer 
simon smith 
sam curtis 
rosanna vahidi

10 min AMRAP 
15 HSPU 
10 Deadlift 
5 power snatch 
6 min to find 
1 rm snatch 

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Final Sign up Day

CrossFit Open 

If you wish to be involved, today is the Final Day to sign up and be involved in the Open Team Comp 

Click Here 

If you can't make Saturdays, don't worry you can still do the WOD in Friday's classes

We will not be running a 7:30pm class Friday evenings during these 5 weeks 

Book in online

I have now updated the booking system for the next 5 Saturdays, so you can book into specific time slots to do your Open WOD. The Gym will be open from 8am so those getting ready for 830am have plenty of time to warm up.

The classes have been limited to 5 people depending on the WOD, this may be subject to change on Friday. With not knowing what the WOD will be till early hours friday, I have to ensure you all get the best chance and room to do the workout.


I ask that all members try and judge one class so its fair on everyone, so either the class before or after yours.


This will start after the kids Open WOD, the booking system says 12-3 as a rough guide. Teams will be confirmed late this evening or tomorrow morning so you can plan food or begin cooking your lovely cakes for this weekend.