The Box

Take a watch to see what is spreading around the world, a community that works together to reach individual goals... is this possible .... hell yes, come check us out if you don't believe us.

The Box

Our core focus is providing a strength and conditioning program that is designed to make you the fittest, strongest, and healthiest version of you.
Whether you are an elite athlete, or a first time trainer we have certified coaches who live and breathe CrossFit to guide you along the path to true fitness. We also have the only Level 1 CrossFit Coaches in Bournemouth which means you will get a more experienced and much better standard of coaching.

So what can you expect at CrossFit Bournemouth? Well for starters, we are nothing like your stereo-typical commercial gym. You wont find treadmills, exercise bikes, weights machines, or mirrors to check out your muscles. We are all about functional movements, drawing upon Olympic weightlifting techniques, gymnastics, bodyweight drills, and cardiovascular exercises like running and rowing. We use barbells, bumper plates, gymnastic rings, ropes, pull up bars, kettlebells, medicine balls, rowers, plyometric boxes, and skipping ropes to name a few. You’ll learn movements such as the Clean and Jerk, Snatch, Deadlift, Squat, Pull Up, Kettlebell Swing, Rope Climb, Box Jumps and many, many more. All of these exercises are performed at a high intensity, relative to you, and are constantly varied. This means no boring gym routines ever again!Don’t be scared. Everything we do at CrossFit Bournemouth is scalable, meaning we can modify every movement, every workout, to make sure that everyone is performing at their own peak. Everyone, including people that are unconditioned, have injuries, or limited fitness experience will benefit from the CrossFit program. Our facility is a safe place for all people to train, learn, and be a part of a team environment with like-minded individuals who want to get the most from their workout.
Come in and check out our CrossFit community for yourself and be pleasantly surprised!!!

We have 4 Squat rack allowing for classes to work through strength quickly and efficiently. Along with for large wall sections for Wall balls and Handstand push up progressions. We also have 26 pull up stations available for WODs.
You'll also see there is 4 sets of high rings and 4 sets of low rings for teaching muscle ups and dips.

Classes are limited to 12 people to ensure lots of coaching during your session.

The coaches will take you through a session and correct you during classes to ensure you move safely.

The gym is long and narrow but means every member has a work out station that's near to the rig or wall which makes for a great vibe when busy.

The whiteboard is a key part of the start and end of each session. Its a great way to brief everyone and explain structure and goals for the session. The whiteboard is also used to log results and note if you improved on past scores.

View from reception shows we have lots of room and class structure is easy to achieve. We have storage for your kit bags on the gym floor and in the changing rooms. 

Survey Results - 10th Aug 2020

  Quick review of survey sent out the other week.   Programming has been shifted to ensure we cover Olympic lifting both as a main focus and...