Getting Started

Step 1 – Read
Browse and read

Some helpful reading is available to gain some understanding of the basic functional movements that will be practiced. They are available in pdf documents on the Crossfit Journal. The documents are titled “What is Fitness” and “Foundations.”

Here is a great post about “10 Tips For Success For The CrossFit Newbie” from CrossFit Delaware Valley.

Step 2  - Have a go
This can be done by booking in Via the Free Trial membership which allows you to book into a class and see what CrossFit is all about and speak to members about how they find it, this can be found below in the membership Options. Please contact if you have any issues with this  

Step 3 – Choose from the following options

- Fast track fundamentals - £60
This option is only available to those that can demonstrate good movement and have done olympic lifts in the past due to the time required to show movements and to ensure you have a good understanding before signing up. 

please email - to book this 

- Personal training

These sessions are perfect for working on skills, lifts or generally improving your movements across a broad range. We can also look into injuries providing you with rehab and prehab to prevent you getting injured.  All coaches have a great understanding with nutrition issues and will be available to help with any questions you have or can provide diet plans on request. 

Coaches details can be found under there blog


Head coach 

1 hour - £45 
45 min - £40
30 min - £30

Gold membership £200

Coaching team 

1 hour - £30 
45 min - £25 
30 min - £20 

Bulk bookings are also available speak to coaches for these packages

24Hr Notice required for cancellations 


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello, I have had a free trial and loved it ...Please can I book the next step and discuss the options for personal training.

I am available on:
Saturday 17th December after 14:00
Sunday 18th December 10:00 onwards
Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd December from 17:30

Many thanks.

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