Martyn "aka FON" Lever 
Owner and head coach 

Qualification/CrossFit Certifications 

BSc Sports Studies 
Level 2 CrossFit Coach
CrossFit Mobility and movement Coach 
CrossFit Olympic lifting Coach 
CrossFit Gymnastic Coach
Level 2 British weightlifting coach
Cert 2 Strength and conditioning coach
Cert 5 Personal Trainer
SAQ Coach
Boxing trainer

I have come from a pro rugby background and found a fitness program that is both challenging and rewarding 
Crossfit is a way of life! It's not only the health, well being and fitness but the community is probably the most important aspect. Like minded people getting together to become fit and healthy - you cant beat that! 

Favorite WOD?
Amanda - Muscle ups and Snatch great combo

Workout Music
Hip Hop/dance 

Contact details

Alex Ogden

Crossfit Level 1
Level 2 personal training instructor
Level 3 personal training instructor
Paramedic FdSc (2013) Distinction with minor injury modules in Ankle, knees and wrists.

I come from a Military background having served 5 years in the Army where I was a PTI. My main focus there was long distance running. After leaving to go to university I found Crossfit and haven’t looked back since.  I have found Crossfit has improved my life in so many ways. It helps to keep me fit for work as a Paramedic and I find nothing helps to destress more than a WOD at the end of the day. Crossfit is now a way of life for me and I can’t imagine myself training in any other way!

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Daniel "aka banners" Banfield 

Certified Level 1 CrossFit coach
Royal Marine Reservist. 
Bec Sports Performance Degree

He has experience of a variety of sports and fitness domains either through coaching or participation. Daniel enjoys an outdoor adventurous lifestyle and can often be found exploring national parks or at the coast. Daniel's favourite post training food is milk and cashew nut butter by the spoonful.

Louise "aka Loufit" Bennett 

Certified Level 1 CrossFit coach 

Louise has been doing Crossfit since the gym opened in 2010, with a back ground in martial arts with several gradings in different elements. 

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Survey Results - 10th Aug 2020

  Quick review of survey sent out the other week.   Programming has been shifted to ensure we cover Olympic lifting both as a main focus and...