Sunday, 19 July 2020

Week starting 20th July

Class updates 

Class sizes 

- With the Guidelines changing we have been able to increase class sizes to 9 members starting from Monday. 

- Please do not turn up without booking as we will now be at max capacity in the car park. 

- As numbers increase, the risk of Covid 19 increases, so please ensure you wash hands before leaving home / work and use the hand sanitiser on arrival and departure. Also make sure you wash your hand as soon as you get home / to work from the gym.

- Please update your contact information on Goteamup so I can contact you directly if someone from your group test positive for Covid-19. 

Returning inside the Gym 25th July 

General Information 

- Social distancing protocols will posted throughout the gym with social distancing of 2m to be enforced at all times.
- If you show any signs of Covid-19 (temperature, cough or breathing issues) please follow Government Guidelines and speak to your GP.
- Hand sanitisers will be found on arrival at reception and also available by back door when leaving.
- It is down to individual member to take personal responsibility of themselves when taking part in physical activity. 

- Chalk will not be provided, so please provide your own if required. Please do not share.

- The mouth piece of the water fountain will be out of action, you will however be able to fill your water bottle.

- The changing rooms are still out of access, unless using the toilet facilities only.


- Staff will carry out regular cleaning of high- contact touch points throughout the gym.
- A 10 minute window has been allowed for class turn around, so please arrive and leave promptly without gather inside the gym.
- Customers will be asked to wipe down specific equipment used with cloths provided. 

Inside procedures 

- Arrive on time for your class to start.
- Enter through the Front Door and sanitise your hands immediately. 

- Find a work out station depending on WOD, coach will advise on arrival. Take all your belonging to that station (only bring essential items).
- The use of the toilet will be allowed but please ensure it's done during warm up.
- The floor will have a walk way to follow to help ensure 2m distancing is maintained. 

- Warm up and Briefing will happen from your stations apposed to around the whiteboard. 

- Once WOD is complete please clean down equipment.
- Please leave through back door and sanitise hands. 

We thank you for your patients in these difficult times and hope you understand that these rules and procedure are in place to protect you all.

We will update you all of any changes as and when the time occurs.


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