Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Current CrossFit HQ updates

I write this post as I feel as your head coach (Leader as HQ calls it) you should know my current standings with recent changes in CrossFit and my thoughts.

Links to CrossFit HQ updates

Why CrossFit HQ didn't speak out

As some of you are aware the former CrossFit HQ CEO has stepped down, please see above links for more information.
I have been on a Zoom call today with over 300+ UK Affiliate owners talking about the above issues. The main subject of the conversation is "What is the point of an Affiliate, if one persons actions affects the Brand and CrossFit Bournemouth which we all love."

For those of you who have been members for a number of years now, how do you view CrossFit HQ and how it has been run?
Do you agree with the changes that have been made these past few years? (with a shift towards health and coming away from the CrossFit Games.)
How has the past few weeks made you feel towards CrossFit HQ? (no response to the Black Live Matter Movement)
Did you join CrossFit Bournemouth because you wanted to do CrossFit or were you referred ?

This then got me thinking and its something I have been struggling with more so during COVID-19.
I have always taken for granted face to face communication and the use of social media to communicate changes and updates. During lock down I feel this was lost and communication has been hard on my part. I post YouTube videos daily, social media posts weekly and use SugarWOD to ensure as many of you as possible receive updates. However it seems some of you miss posts and  general updates and end up missing out on information. I am sorry for this and hope I can make changes moving forward.

Here is your chance to have your say, send me your thoughts on how you felt during COVID - 19 and how it has been managed by me. Did you find the daily WODs easy to follow, did the daily Youtube video provide enough information for you to complete the WOD safely and get the desired result from that hour of your day.

The outdoor classes are now live and so many of you are making it out to West Parley to attend classes, have these classes been up to the standards you're used to. With the Government guidelines and the risk assessments with outdoor training in place, I have to be seen to enforce these as a business. This will also probably end up being the case inside the gym if we reopen. How do you feel about the classes and how they are run, do you think I can be doing more to protect those around you.
So I ask kindly that we do our best to keep 2 meters apart at all times, before and after class please keep away from the training area. The public may view us as people not wanting to abide by government guidelines, as CrossFit is already under the spotlight we don't need to draw attention to ourselves even more.

Thank you for your cooperation and I await your feedback.


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