Saturday, 6 June 2020

Covid-19 6th June Update

Class Update - Small Groups 

As you are all aware we will start running classes as of Monday 8th June from Parley Sports Club fields. I have ensured we have an area to train whilst maintaining 2-3m distance along with having shelter if weather turns bad. I will be coaching the daily WOD to start with and will offer more specific classes at a later date once we get used to small group training.

The classes will run ever 45mins and if demand increases I will offer more to fit in with demand. You'll see time table has been updated for next week and you'll only be able to book on 3 days in advance to stop bulk bookings. The class will allow for change over and kit to be cleaned down, if possible those with kit already please bring to the sessions as I have minimal kit due to it all being loaned out. These times are to fit in with potential reopening times for small inside classes to ensure everyone gets to train.

For those who are still working and struggle to book an appropriate slot please message me so I can look to see if another member could possibly be moved to a later slot (subject to availability)

Please stick with me whilst we slowly bring in small group classes and get back to some normality.

We always welcome comments and feedback, but please bear with us as we transition to a new "norm".

Please wash your hands before you leave your home and when you arrive back.
Do not train if you have ANY symptoms whatsoever
Bring plenty of fluid
NO toilets available
Please update GoTeamUp with your emergency contact details

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