Sunday, 28 June 2020

Class Update

Evening all 

Changes in location 

As I posted on SugarWOD/Facebook group, we will be moving back to the gym car park as from Monday 29th June for three days a week. We will continue to use West Parley sports on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Currently making plans for some changes to Saturdays also, but will post more about that once confirmed. 

Class bookings will remain the same for 5 people per class, which might change if all classes remain Full but currently they haven't been. Please use the waiting list if you wish to attend classes that suit your working day, so that I can make a note of which classes always fill up. Members have been signing out of classes last minute so you might even get in on classes you're waiting for. Those of you that have been signing out last minute, can you please allow those on waiting list chance to attend, I would say 45 mins is too late notice. If you do happen to sign out late notice please post on Facebook group, as this will help make members aware. 

Class Structure 

Gym car park - 

Please ensure you arrive on time to start as we are limited to 45 mins, we don't want to wait for late arrivals. There should be enough room for you to start stretching on sunny days 15 mins before class starts, but if weather is raining we only have cover for those training at present so please wait in cars before joining your class. 

Start of class please make sure you have what is needed for warm up and WOD unless told otherwise. 

There will be Hand sanitiser available for before and after WODs so please make sure you use it, with the increase in kit being used. Your coach will spray down all equipment to save the spray being passed around. 

Class structure is still form focused and building load slowly is gonna be main objective, to prevent injury and to ensure any old habits are slowly removed. 

Coach feedback is that all members need to increase mobility done at home as there is less time to spend around the gym doing this. Load will increase quickly over the weeks, and range will be the limiting factor if you want to lift more. 

West Parley 

Arrival procedures are different here as you have masses of room to mobilise and chill with the next class, all I ask is that you try and keep away from the training area so those training don't get distracted. Also helps coaches as they haven't got to fight over your voices whilst coaching. 

Fridays will remain to be Hero WODs and kit needs will be sorted by yourself or minimal kit will be provided by what's in stock. 

Kit Return 

Due to the small class sizes and low demand for lots of kit to be used in classes those of you attending daily can I ask you return what kit you have. Those who struggle to sign onto classes or who prefer to train at home due to kids and work balance at present can keep kit for a bit longer. 

I will sort deposits out for those who have returned kit back. 

Keeping up with Guidelines 

As I have mentioned before in recent posts, as the guidelines change I will do my best to keep up with them so that you can all get the most out of your sessions with us. With the distance changing from 2 meters to 1 meter is a great start and will continue to plan around this. 

See you soon 


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