Sunday, 24 May 2020

Covid 19 Update - 24/05

Covid 19 - Update 

Thank you all so much yet again for supporting the gym and I'm glad to see so many of you joining in on the WODs and Zoom activities.

Feedback from Members  

- Over the past few weeks I have been speaking to members, checking they are alright and how they are finding training.

- Daily WODs are going down well as those with children can plan training around child care and work. Those still working are cracking on before work, at lunch or after work. Those who have been furloughed have also been able to get into a routine and get training in before/after surrounding areas become too busy to do so.

- The added extras Bias programming has given members a little extra structure to there days exercise with a WOD in morning and extras in the afternoon or the other way around. I would say doing them back to back is a bad idea especially if you have the time to rest and refuel. This would allow you to get more from your sessions than a half hearted attempt and pushing towards that fatigue/overtraining no-one wants.

- Zoom functional strength has also been going down well with members working on smaller stability muscles which will help large load lifting. This will also help with joint health and decreasing potential injury long term.

- Quiz nights have been great to have catch up and test your knowledge but also get away from training talk.

Moving forward 

With the latest updates from the Government on social distancing and what I can provide as a service are some positives for all involved.

I will be reducing the amount of classes on offer to open up some 121 coaching for members.

Functional strength
Monday - 730am and 6pm
Tuesday - 730am and 730pm
Wednesday - 730am and 6pm
Friday - 730am

Mobility - Tuesday and Thursday 6pm

These changes have been made so that I can meet up with all members on a 121 basis and go over some lifting and specific drills. These drills will be designed just for you to work on at home and get you refocused for when the gym reopens. I will need members to contact me with available times and days so that I can get you all booked in from Tuesday 26th May.

All members will get the chance to have a 121 with myself, and once I've cycled through all members , I will offer this again to keep a steady flow and to keep everyone on track.

This will be held in the grounds behind West Parley Memorial Hall, 275 Christchurch Rd, West Parley, Ferndown BH22 8SL

For those who can't drive, alternative arrangements can be made.

Please also note, no public toilets are available. 

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