Thursday, 30 April 2020

Programming update


As Members you will always be my number one focus and I'm trying to offer you as much as possible for those who have extra kit or time to train more.

Just to make you aware all programming is now restricted to members only. Anyone who has left CFB no longer has access.

I am currently putting together some Youtube videos on scaling movements down for home training, so please Follow this page.

Online Zoom Classes

Functional strength classes have been good so far but for those that can't make the sessions due to home / work life, please let me know and I'll look to put on another time.

Mobility class - went down well on Tuesday with the next session tonight.

Online Programming 

Work Out Of The Day -

Daily Youtube videos outlining session, Warm up, main session and core if programmed. This will be scaled so those that have kit, minimal kit or no kit can still train from home.

How will this be done -
Weights - Load options from barbell, KB, DB or weighted bag depending on the movement.
Gymnastic - scales from RX down to basic movements to hit similar stimulus needed
Cardio - running, skipping (DU, SU), box jumps, star jumps etc

The sessions will be broad in structure to ensure General Physical Preparation is carried on at home, like in the gym. Short repeatable WODs, mid range time based and long WODs with the main focus to ensure you move for an hour and are challenged.

Additional Programming - (FREE to members)

Each member has the option of adding a bias program Endurance, Gymnastics, Weightlifting
This program is done on a monthly basis and cannot be changed until the month is over so you reep the full benefit and commit to it.

Endurance -

This will be a specific focus of yours based on something you want to work on and improve.
Let's say you want to improve your 5km running time (as you all seem to be runners now). The program will run along side daily WODs, you will get 3 sessions a week; session 1 interval, session 2 hills and session 3 long. The remaining sessions will be rest days for you to work on core and mobility.

Gymnastics -

These sessions will be designed to build up your gymnastic capacity through EMOMs and Strict work, there is no kipping on this program. You will cover HSPU, HS Hold and walking, Pull ups (scales available), TTB (scales available), Pistols and Dips. The goal of this program is to give you a structured approach for improving your gymnastics over the next coming weeks.

Weightlifting -

This will be a pure weightlifting focused program based around Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. You will be able to do it with a PVC pipe, DB and KB but remember to work both arms. The goal of this program is to provide you with a structured approach to improving your weightlifting as much as possible.

Extras Program - (Additional fee to members)

This Program is based around my daily training, covering a broad range of movements and lots of high skilled movements which can be scaled if needed.

The daily WOD will still be the main focus of the day with the day being split into a morning and pm session.

This program is for those that want an extra challenge or to compete and want to be pushed onto the next level quicker with more difficult WODs.

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