Tuesday, 28 April 2020

New Online Zoom classes

Class Update 

We are now adding to the Saturday 9am  Zoom class with 6 more classes. You'll be able to see these on GoTeamUp.

Functional Strength

- The idea behind this class is to allow you to build functional strength with minimal load. We can use time and tempo to control loading on joints and build stability for when the bigger loads are used in the gym.

Zoom ID - 7345923958
When - Monday and Wednesday
Times - 8am and 6pm
Coach - Martyn

Duration - 40 mins includes warm up
Equipment needed - some form of weight Bag, Plate, Medball, KB or DM

Mobility and Yoga

- The idea behind this is to improve how you move through combining mobility drills specific to CrossFit, with some yoga approaches to help bridge the gap between the two. Providing a structured session will help benefit those who need some guidance and structure around when to stretch and how.

Zoom ID - 8365958703
When - Tues and Thurs
Time - 6pm
Coach - Cally
Duration - 40mins
Equipment needed - just you

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