Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Some Nutrition Tips

Key to success when improving your nutrition

Here's a few simple steps you can make to change your thoughts on weight-loss...

- The first mistake people make when changing food habits is; do they eat enough to survive and fuel their training. If as a human you burn 2000 cal as a man and 1500 cal as a female, when it comes to training you need to ensure you are eating more on those days. This will help you to have enough energy to train and get the most from your sessions. Most high intense training sessions will burn around 300-600 cals so you'll need to increase food intake to match this. Days you don't train then cals need to be lower, which for most people is normally the other way around.

- What are you doing to ensure your burning enough cals, do you walk up stairs or get the lift. Do you park near the entrance to a shop or park further away and increase your delay steps. How many of you can say you get near to 12000 steps a day and what could you do to change this if you don't.

-  When cooking meals do you increase the amount of processed carbs compared to fruit and veg. Would you say your dinner plate is made up of processed food or would you say you have more veg on your plate. How much protein do you cook with your meals, can you say each meal has enough protein or too much protein.

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