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Summer Throwdown 

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Due to popular demand and about time we had a gym social to welcome all the new members that have joined us over the Summer months.

I will be running a little competition for mixed abilities on Saturday 28th September.

I will use the same format as the CrossFit Open to give you all an idea of what to expect scale wise.


Male RX - must have Bar muscle ups, TTB and strict HSPU

Female RX - must have CTB, TTB and HSPU

Male/ Female scale - I will provide suitable options like in classes


Arrival time - 8am

Brief - 8:30am (Don't be late) (Tom, Phat John and Skarlet that includes you)

WOD 1 - 9am

WOD 2 - 10am

lunch break and Kids 11-11:45

WOD 3 - 12

Social after 

Food and Drink provided

potential for night out also for those are interested


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