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With the CrossFit Open kicking off tonight and not knowing the WOD tomorrow, please all ensure at some point today you do a little extra mobility. Please give it your best attempt as the open is a special time of the year, its the only time our community comes together to test our fitness. 

The sport of CrossFit is growing in a new direction and CrossFit as a lifestyle is going back to its roots. I believe the open is a great chance to see how you compare to the rest of the world. Give each WOD your very best attempt and use it to find out your true strengths and weaknesses. 
Lets all enjoy the buzz each weekend. 

Skill - Ring muscle ups 
1 - Banded transition 
2 - strict muscle ups 
3 - kipping 
4 - volume 
20 min EMOM 
min 1 - Ski erg cals 
min 2 - High box jumps 
min 3 - DB curls 
min 4 - Shoulder taps 
min 5 - Superman holds 


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