Wednesday, 2 January 2019


Welcome back to 2019 and what I hope to be a great year for all CFB members. If there's something in particular you are wanting to achieve in 2019 please do let me know as I would love to hear it.

I planning on doing some Saturday afternoon seminars this year, what sort of things would you like me to cover. Thinking first one being Nutrition ?

Lastly please email me 3 goals for this year, so I can help you achieve them  

WOD - 4 rounds 
20 /15 cal row 
20 Box jumps 
20 TTB 
rest remaining time 
Glute focus - 3 rounds 
1 min single leg glute raises left 
1 min bridge 
1 min single leg glute raises right  
1 min bridge 
1 min rest 

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