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The showers are still out of order, but should be back up and running for wednesday

NYE Team Twist

Cindy 20 min AMRAP 5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 push ups Nicole 20 min AMRAP 400m run max pull ups odd object 
Due to major work on changing rooms the showers are out of order till the new year

Bring on a Big Saturday

9am 15 min EMOM min 1 - row 20/15 cals min 2 - 15 burpees min 2 - rest into Team WOD In Partners 30 min AMRAP 4 Dball Cleans 10 syncro push ups 40 KB swings 30 syncro sit ups 40 syncro squats
10:00 am1 RM Snatch then 1 RM clean and jerk

Special Saturday WOD

So although we will be celebrating Christmas I thought it would be a great chance to remember all those that serve our country. Some families will be without parents for Xmas either due to work or loss of life so we will be spending this saturday in fancy dress remembering. 
When Dave Castro spoke on the death of his friend, “I’ve lost a lot of friends as SEALs. It happens. But this was a shock. Suicide, that’s a tough one. I don’t understand it.” Castro, admits he isn't trying to raise suicide awareness with this workout, recognising the burden many service members carry around, especially those in the elite special forces community. “So many people who’ve done this for a long time have seen things and done things that most normal people don’t,” Castro said. “These people are carrying around things we don’t understand.”

Dedicated to Chad Michael Wilkinson of the US Navy who died on October 29, 2018, in Virginia Beach on active duty after 22 years of service.

CHAD1000 box step ups 20&q…

2018 Awards

It was really nice to read your nominations and hear what positive things you had to say about each other. I really am blessed to have a gym full of such great people and a community that goes from strength to strength.

Over the past 6 months I have seen so many of you make great progress in your gymnastics, some getting there 1st Pull up, TTB, HSPU, ring or bar muscle up. With an increase in basic strength and understanding, these movement are now being linked together and becoming more consistent.

Weightlifting is always going to be up and down, but yet again you guys are smashing it and growing in confidence to push on with your weights and the wanting to learn technique.

Going into the new year it would be great to hear from you all, with what you've enjoyed this year and what you would like to work on in 2019.

So moving forward to what you've all been waiting for... the awards for this year...


Most improved member 

Female - Anna

Male - Dave Ellis

Bar muscle ups 2 - transition or kipping practice 3 - timing 20 min EMOM min 1 - box jumps min 2 - golfers deadlifts min 3 - Pistols min 4 - DB devils press
Saturdays 9am class will be our 12 days of Xmas  Fancy Dress WOD, due to this there will be no 8am class 
Lynne5 rounds max BW bench press max pull ups
rest as needed after each round

Sickness during the Xmas Period - It happens to us all

Great Little Read 
Let's face it.  “It” happens, even to CrossFitters. You come to the gym and go to pick up a weight and it feels abnormally heavy. You brush it off as fatigue from yesterday's WOD and continue to lift. Then, the daily metcon  feels really hard, and your score stinks, and something isn't right. After the WOD you lay on your back and ponder whether you didn't eat right, or perhaps you just aren't hydrated or didn't sleep right last night, anything but a cold. Let me share the harsh reality with you. You can be a great crossfitter, do everything right, and still get sick. It happens, so accept it. Everyone gets sick at some time, the key thing is what you do while sick to minimize your downtime. I've worked with many athletes who believe that taking several days to a week off will make them weak as a kitten. Relax. A week off will not impact your strength and conditioning.
So, what's the right thing to do when sick? What I see a lot a of …
Last day to vote 

Member of the year  male and female 
Most improved member  male and female 
your vote counts so please send in your votes 
3 rounds  10 power cleans 20 cal assault bike 30 m HS walk 20 cal row start new round every 10 mins 
8am E3MOM20/15 cal row 15 thrusters rest as needed9am In Partners 40 Burpee box get over 48"/40"120 pull ups 40 Burpee box get over 48"/40"80 CTB40 Burpee box get over 48"/40"40 Bar muscle ups 10amPower snatch + snatch balance 6 x 2 Hang Snatch + snatch 6 x 1 Pause snatch pulls 6 x 2
Remember to keep voting for member of the year and most improved

Your chance to have a say

Currently have prizes from Kitbox and Nocco drinks for those winners

Ozzy 7 rounds 11 DHSPU 1000m run 
Bar muscle ups 2 - transition or kipping practice 3 - timing 20 min EMOM min 1 - DUmin 2 - 5 sec arm hangs  min 3 - hollow rocks   min 4 - ring dip support
Come on People get your votes in for this years AWARDS 
Member of the year both male and female 
most improved member both male and female 
3 rounds 2 min Bike cals2 min burpees over box 2 min row cals 4 min rest 
8am - Engine building
team wod 20 min AMRAP 21 cal row 15 Push press 10 Bar muscle ups 9am - Partner WOD 30 min AMRAP 50 DU 12 TTB 9 DB box step over 10 am - Clean and jerk Clean grip OH squat 6 x 2 Clean and jerk 8 x 1 Pendlay row - 5 x 3

Killing gains and causing a plateau

Great post via Kill Cliff  Sleep, we all know it is important, but the vast majority aren’t getting enough. In fact, some estimates put the number as high as 2 in 3 Americans suffering from sleep deprivation. Recently I posed a question on Twitter asking experts in the field of Strength and Conditioning what the number 1 recovery modality was for student athletes who participated in strenuous training programs. The options were:
Cool Down / Stretching
Post Training Nutrition. While all are important, I was blown away by the lack of understanding from those who are deemed “experts” within my field of Strength and Conditioning.
Now, to play devil’s advocate, I probably could have further clarified “important,” so I’ll clarify now by re-posing the question in more than 140 characters. “What recovery modality is most impactful on positively affecting physiological profile, biomechanical function, injury reduction, cognitive performance and physical performance?” With that out …
Ring muscle upsor Bar muscle ups 20 min EMOM min 1 - row cals min 2 - Shoulder Taps  min 3 - Chin over bar hold min 4 - L-sit hold