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Tomorrow is looking to be a great day, please bring some snacks for lunch break

Ive tried to make the WODs all inclusive and fun

The ghost 6 rounds 1 min row 1 min burpee 1 min du 1 min rest 
Ring muscle ups 2 - strength 3 - timing 20 min EMOM min 1 - ski erg min 2 - Arm haulers min 3 - bike min 4 - hollow rocks min 5 - row
🎄🎅 Saturdays Christmas Social 🎅🎄
Will be at Aruba from 8pm, we have a seated area for everyone coming. 

Be nice to get everyone there at the same time so we can all catch up
and have a drink together.

Skill - HSPU Progressions3 rounds E5MOM 20/15 cal row 8 DHSPU max burpees rest 2 mins

Christmas Throwdown

This years Christmas social is looking to be a great day all round, sorry to those that can't make it this year.

For those that don't know the structure of our in house throwdowns please session below 

9am arrival 
915am brief 
930am WOD 1 - you will get enough time to warm up if you show up at 9  11am Kids class and break for adults 
12 pm WOD 2 
130 pm ish WOD 3 
finish at 3 pm with a little social drink and catch up 
- times may change depending on numbers, but please book on to help with planning 
- Power snatch 
build to a heavy 3 reps T&G

- 3 rounds 12 power snatch 30 shoulder taps 12 power snatch 30 shoulder taps 12 power snatch rest 3 mins
The gym will be closed from 9am tomorrow for the final day of BWL level 2 
There will be a class from 8-9, sorry for effecting your training

Hammer 5 rounds 5 power cleans 10 front squats 5 jerks 20 pull ups rest 90 sec between each round
Skill - Ring Muscle ups

2 - strength
3 - timing drills

20 min EMOM

min 1 - Seated DB shoulder press
min 2 - Tempo ring rows
min 3 - Banded push ups
min 4 - Bent over KB rows

Final chance to book in for Xmas social as venue will be booked today

5 min Amrap 10 cleans10 strict def HSPU rest 5 mins 5 min Amrap 10 cleans 10 strict HSPU rest 5 mins 5 min Amrap 10 cleans 10 HSPU 
8am Every 3 mins 20/15 cal row 20 Med ball cleans rest as needed 9am In partners 3 rounds 40 KB snatch left hand 40 TTB 40 KB snatch right hand 40 TTB 10am Oly class Snatch zotts press 6 x 2 Snatch 8 x 1 Banded snatch pulls 6 x 2
Skill - ring muscle ups Focus strength and timing 20 min EMOM min 1 - KB Bottom up press min 2 - Ring Plank  min 3 - superman hold min 4 - DU
Please Remember to book into the Christmas social on the 1st December

The day time throwdown is for everyone and a great way to test your fitness

The evening is also for everyone but I need final numbers by end of this week

please book in via the booking system

Strength Front Squat 5 tempo front squats (4 - 0 - 3) Oly high hang clean + hand clean  heavy for the day

Push Jerk build to a heavy 3 
My Birthday WOD has been made by Pants, a former coach and good friend of mine 
Enjoy and see you in the gym

Birthday WOD  Cash in - 800 m run / row 7 rounds 11 bear complex 12 burpee DB box step overs 34 plate jumps  cash out - 800 m run/row

Simple chipper to keep you moving 3 min row cals 3 min max MB cleans 3 min max cal Ski erg 3 min max Devil presses 3 min max cal assault bike 3 min max TTB
A Reminder that the gym will only be open for 8am Saturday due to British Weightlifting Level 2 
We also have several teams heading over to CrossFit Poole Sunday to compete if you fancy heading over to cheer them on.

Jennifer 26 min AMRAP 10 pull ups 15 KB swings 20 box jumps
Skill - Muscle ups week 1 - ring muscle ups 20 min EMOM min 1 - row cals min 2 - strict K2E min 3 - seated press min 4 - side plank
In Partners
2 rounds each 
Partner 1 7 min window 12 Clean and jerks (must be unbroken)10 clean and jerks 8 clean and jerks 6 clean and jerks (80% 1RM) Partner 2 goes after 
3 rounds
3 min AMRAP 21 cal Assault bike 15 burpees over DB max DB Snatch rest 3 min
3 min AMRAP 21 cal Ski erg 15 burpees over DB max DB Snatch rest 3 min
score total amount of DB snatch
8am 5 rounds 20 cal row 20 meter DB lunges 9am80 sit ups 40 DB snatch 20 HSPU
rest 5 mins 20 hspu 40 DB snatch 80 sit ups 10am Snatch balance 8 x 1 hang snatch + OH squats  6 x 1 Snatch Deadlift 5 x 3
Please see below sign up links for December 1st 

Sign up here for Christmas throwdown

Sign up here for Christmas social 

Skill - Bar muscle ups complex work Last week20 min EMOM min 1 - High Box jump min 2 - DB man makers min 3 - Ring kips min 4 - toes to KB