Wednesday, 13 June 2018



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A few members have been testing SugarWOD and the feedback has been positive.

What is it - Mobile App designed to connect members and enable you to share your results

Individual features -
% calculators
Benchmark WODs
Up to date Hero WODs
Barbell benchmarks
Gymnastic benchmarks
Endurance benchmarks

IMG_6433.PNG  IMG_6432.PNG

Social features -
Class whiteboard
Fist bumps and comment section
Share PBs
Share WOD pictures
Automatic PR calculation

IMG_6430.PNG IMG_6431.PNG

Pre WOD benefits -

Movement videos to help before coming to gym
Can check 1RM before class starts and work % required for WODs
Can check times performed in previous classes and scales used

Benefits for me as a Coach

Will help me look at class programming and what areas we need to work on more
Can provide individual feedback
Can compare previous times/scores

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