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We will be using the below variations of Murph today, you can either up scale with your own weight vest or scale down and share the work load with a partner.


1 mile Run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 Squats
1 mile run

Games Standard

1 mile run
5 rounds
20 pull ups
40 push ups
60 Squats
1 mile run

1 mile run
20 rounds
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
1 mile run
Please ensure you work out your numbers ready for next week, we will be starting a strength phase to work basic movements.

Life is easier for the coaches if you know what you need to lift before the class starts.

Spilt into three domains Strength, Gymnastics and Engine 
After speaking to a few of you who wanna work on specific areas of fitness after the Open, I have put together an extras program for you. This will allow you to work on specific parts of your fitness whilst still doing the classes. 
If your interested please email me for more details

Testing week Find a 1RM Back Squat 1 min time capmax pull ups For time 1000m row 
Last week of the CrossFit Open

I hope you have all enjoyed the process and have now made new goals

Bring on tomorrows social

18.5orgo over movements
skill - muscle ups ring or bar drills Tabata 8 rds, 20 sec work, 1 sec rest CTB or ring rows rest 1 min push press rest 1 min hollow rocks rest 1 min KB swings

Easter Weekend

Advance notice on Easter weekend opening hours 

Good Friday 30th March - 8am & 9am  classes

Saturday 31st March - MURPH - bring a vest if you have one

Back Holiday 2nd April - Closed

Tuesday back to normal hours
18.49 min time cap 21-15-9 Deadlift HSPU then 21-15-9 deadlift hs walk or Coe 10 rounds 10 thrusters 10 push ups 
18.3 repeat 14 min time Cap 2 rounds 100 du 20 oh squats 52/36100 du 12 ring muscle ups 100 du 20 db snatch 22.5/15 100 du 12 bar muscle up or Hansen 5 rounds 30 KB swings 30 burpees 30 sit ups 
20 min EMOM min 1 - Ski Erg  min 2 - Box Jumps step down   min 3 - KB clean & jerk min 4 - Assault bike min 5 - side lunges 

for time 50 cal row 30 Snatch  10 muscle ups 5 rounds 10 weighted hollow rocks 20 weighted flutters rest 1 min 

Saturday Update

Quick Update 

All classes have been cancelled today due to pavements around the gym being covered in Ice especially the slope up to the front door.

I have made changes to tomorrows classes by increasing to 8 people, can you please check what class you are booked in for and that your not double booked. If you can help out with Judging also that would be great.

If you can not make tomorrow but still wish to do work out 18.2 and b, this will be possible on monday.

For those that don't know what 18.2 is

12 min Time Cap

18.2 for time
DB Front Squat
bar facing burpees

In remaining time

Find a 1RM

No morning classes

Will keep you all updated on when gym will reopen

either through

Social media or website

Stay safe guys

KitBox Inov8 range

Inov8 CF BMOUTH Price RRP Flite 260 knit £110 £114.99 F-lite 260 £100 104.99F-lite 235 v2 £100 104.99F-lite 195 v2£95 99.99F-lite 275£110 114.99Fastlift 400 BOA£130 134.99All train 215 knit £95 99.99

moving day

9 min EMOM min 1 - 30/20 cal row min 2 - 50 du min 3 - 10 burpees rest 1 min
9 min EMOM  min 1 - 30 /20 cal bike min 2 - 50 du min 3 - 10 oh squat rest 1 min 
9 min EMOM min 1 - 30/20 cal ski min 2 - 50 du min 3 - 20 KB swings