Monday, 25 September 2017

Sonny Webster is back

I am pleased to confirm Sonny Webster will be returning to us for another Weightlifting Seminar for all abilities. 

Sonny will be running a day seminar this time from 10 - 5 pm on Saturday 11th November 

structure will be as follows 

An 1.5 hour session on mobility for weightlifting; beginning with stretching before progressing into some of the key exercises Sonny uses to improve his mobility for weightlifting. This is also a great warm up for the later sessions; 

A 1.5 hour olympic weightlifting session breaking down the technique for snatch and clean and jerk; 
Informal talk and Q&A where Sonny will talk about his experiences, nutrition, programming and psychology of weightlifting; 

A 45 minute demonstration where Sonny will perform both snatch and clean and jerk variations during this time he will also talk over use of equipment and his 'pre-lift process';

The final session is a 1.5 hour olympic weightlifting 'max out' session to put into practice what has been learnt in the earlier sessions. During this session Sonny is to work a little more individually with participants and do some video analysis so that you each have individualised feedback to take away from the day.

 The seminar is suitable for all standards of lifters and Sonny will ensure that attendees are able to work at their own pace and ask questions at all stages of the day. There are normally two scheduled breaks during the day where you will have time to snack and to grab lunch, however I suggest that you bring your own so that not too much time is wasted. 

Seminar Costs - £110 

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