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8am 5 rounds every 3 mins 20 cal row 15 burpees 10 TTB rest remaining time 9am - teams of 3 30-24-18-12-6 reps bar muscle ups DB snatch 10am New phase clean grip OH squat 5 x 3 hang clean and jerk 5 x 3 clean deadlift 5 x 3
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We are please to confirm we are now a British Weight Lifting Endorsed Gym, this means we will be offering various levels of qualifications for all those interested. 
This also means in due time all coaches will be of a CrossFit and British weightlifting standard to help provide you with the best coaching 

Skill - Ring muscle ups transition dip strength Engine - 20 min EMOM min 1 - row cals min 2 - ring lower min 3 - KB golfers deadlift  min 4 - plank hold

login your scores

Step 1 - Download MYWOD onto your phone

Step 2 - Click on the +

Step 3 - Click on NEW FEED

Step 4 - Type in Crossfit Bournemouth

Step 5 - click on Save

Step 6 - You'll see CrossFit Bournemouth in the feeds section and click on it

Step 7 - Click on the WOD you wish to add a score to

Step 8 - Click on Add to Completed WODs

Step 9 - Edit the workout with your scale and score 

Sonny Webster is back

I am pleased to confirm Sonny Webster will be returning to us for another Weightlifting Seminar for all abilities. 
Sonny will be running a day seminar this time from 10 - 5 pm on Saturday 11th November 
structure will be as follows 
An 1.5 hour session on mobility for weightlifting; beginning with stretching before progressing into some of the key exercises Sonny uses to improve his mobility for weightlifting. This is also a great warm up for the later sessions; 
A 1.5 hour olympic weightlifting session breaking down the technique for snatch and clean and jerk;  Informal talk and Q&A where Sonny will talk about his experiences, nutrition, programming and psychology of weightlifting; 
A 45 minute demonstration where Sonny will perform both snatch and clean and jerk variations during this time he will also talk over use of equipment and his 'pre-lift process';
The final session is a 1.5 hour olympic weightlifting 'max out' session to put into pract…
Time to retest or set your new total lifts. 
Make sure you spend time focusing on ankles, hips and shoulders as these are your main moving joints  
CrossFit Totals 1RM Back Squat 1RM Press 1RM deadlift 
8am team series twist for time 200 cal row 200 TTB 9am In threes  30-24-18-12-6Hang clean and jerks burpees 10:00 amsotts press 5 x 5 snatch + 2 ohs 8 x 3 hang snatch 5 x 5
Skill - Bar muscle ups Hips to bar Strict CTB 20 min EMOM min 1 - Assault bike min 2 - Chin over bar hold min 3 - DB man makers min 4 - HS hold
Sorry for not posting thought I had but couldn't post as I was out running before I noticed 

team WOD 4 rounds 25/20 cal row 25 KB swings  24/16 50 Air Squats Waterfall affect
This week we back off volume ready for testing next week

Deload weeks are great for working on movements, letting bodies rest, prevent you from getting sick and most of all injured. 
If you have any niggles speak to your coach who will be able to show you some mobility or strengthening drills for you to work on
LYNNE 5 ROUNDS Max rep BW bench press Max rep pull ups rest as needed
8am partner wod 27 21 18 15 12 9 6 3 Row cals Thrusters partner hang 9:00 amteam wod 50 DB snatch 25 TTB 50 Box Jumps 25 K2E50 DB clean and jerk 25 Burpees 50 DB clusters 10am clean grip sotts press 5x5 clean and jerk 8 x 1hang clean + pause squat 5 x 5
Skill - Ring muscle ups rings to chest Dips 20 min EMOM min 1 - Ski erg min 2 - Single leg Squats min 3 - Hanging L-sit hold min 4 - Banded rows
Skill - Bar Muscle ups and TTB For time 1000 m Row 50 seated Wall balls 40 KB swings 30 bupees 20 TTB 10 Bar Muscle ups 
Due to the 11am class being quiet I have decided to change Saturdays class times from this week forward.

I will still maintain three different work outs, with a bias towards either strength, gymnastics or endurance so you can pick what you prefer.

As always I try to provide a service thats pleases everyone

In Partners Isabel 30 x Snatch rest whilst Partner goes Anne 50-40-30-20-10 DuSit ups rest whilst Partner goes Grace 30 x Clean and jerk 
With the gym move done and life starting to settle down again, I am now available to offer individual programming again. 
It can be to focus on anything you want, which will be designed to run along side the normal class work out. 
The goal of these programs is to give you some simple structure to follow which has progression and a specific goal in mind. 
9am teams of 3 150 cal row 150 DB snatch 150 Box jumps 150 HSPU 10am Power snatch + snatch balance 5 x 5  snatch 8 x 1 Hang Snatch 5 x 511am in teams for reps 3 rounds 2 min Assault bike 2 min TTB2 min dball clean
Skill - Pull ups strict CTB Kipping or butterfly 20 min EMOMmin 1 - Ski erg min 2 - Hollow hold  min 3 - Assault bike  min 4 - superman hold
min 5 - Rowing
Skill - Ring muscle ups For time 10  muscle ups 20 HSPU 30 KB Snatch 50 Pistols 5 Muscle ups 10 HSPU 20 KB snatch 30 pistols 
9am for time 150 SDHP 150 burpee box jumps 120 SDHP 120 burpee box jumps 90 SDHP 90 burpee box jumps 10am clean grip sotts press 5x5 clean grip oh squat 5x3clean and jerk 5 x 3 hang clean 5 x 311am 20 min AMRAP Partner wod 50 squats 7 muscle ups 10 hang power cleans