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skill - Bar Muscle ups low bar MU + ice cream makers strict pull up + chin over bar hold 20 min EMOM min 1 - assault bike min 2 - DB Shoulder press min 3 - Bent knee front lever  min 4 - Golfers deadlift
Skill - ring dips kipping 20 min EMOM min 1 - 3 point clean min 2 - Ring Dips 5 rounds 10 hollow rocks 10 v ups 10 v tucks 10 sec hollow hold 
In Partners perform the following  "Randy" 
For time: 
150 Power Snatch, 
Rest 5 mins  42-30-18 
Hang Squat Clean 
Handstand Push-up, strict 
Rest 5 mins  4 Rounds for time of: 
40 TTB or sit up
30 Burpees, bar-facing 

Please turn up on time

Skill - Ring muscle ups rings to chest - ring MU box transition + dip banded trans + dip 20 min EMOM Min 1 - DU min 2 - Chin over bar hold min 3 - Plank hold min 4 - ring support hold 
20 min EMOM
Min 1 - Heavy Front Squats min 2 - HSPU 5 rounds 10 hollow rocks 10 v ups 10 v tucks 10 sec hollow hold 
9am - team wod 75 back squats @60/4250 pull ups 25 STOH 75 front Squats @50/3550 pull ups 25 STOH 75 OH squats @42/3050 pull ups 25 STOH 10am clean grip sotts press 5x5 clean grip oh squat 5x3clean and jerk 5 x 3 hang clean 5 x 311am - team wod complete 30-24-18-12-6 reps of:
DBALL cleans
skill - Bar Muscle ups strict pull ups + ice cream makers strict pull up + chin over bar hold 20 min EMOM min 1 - ski erg min 2 - KB windmill right min 3 - L - sit hold min 4 - KB windmill left
Another test day to attack a more gymnastic bench mark compared to yesterdays CrossFit Totals

Mary 20 min AMRAP 5 HSPU 10 pstols 15 pull ups or Cindy 20 min AMRAP 5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 squats 

Testing Day

Today is testing day before going into a 4 week strength phase to build on some basic strength. With the move to the new location a lot of the programming has been to find out what we can and can't do within classes. I hope you have been enjoying the change in format and increased gymnastic focus. Its still great to see so many of you moving better on your Olympic lifting even though its not been a major focus more moving better has been the focus.


Now that the old gym is done with and the landlord is hopefully happy with everything, we can get ready for our grand opening. We are looking to have a BBQ to celebrate the new gym and what great community we have for putting up with a tired me during the transition.
Keep up all the great work everyone

CrossFit Totals Back Squats Press Deadlift 
9am - 6 rounds 1 min bike 1 min burpees 1 min ski erg 1 min rest 10am Power snatch + snatch balance 8 x 3  snatch 8 x 1 Hang Snatch 5 x 511 am - 100 OH squats 100 pull ups 100 cal row 50 Oh squats 50 CTB 80 cal row 25 Oh squats 24 Bar muscle ups 60 cal row
skill - Ring muscle ups ring dips and kipping dips 20 min EMOM min 1 - assault bike min 2 - KB swings  min 3 - HS Hold min 4 - flutters
CrossFit Games week

Triple - G chipper 100 pull-ups80 Abmat sit-ups60 one-legged squats, alt40-cal. row20 dumbbell push presses
With the CrossFit Games running at present we will be having a go at our own twist on the work outs

Saturday Classes will be changing in structure soon, I will be making the 11am class a higher skill level for those that wanna compete in Crossfit and the 9am will be more mixed ability.

9am Relay in partners run 1.5 miles ski 1000m run 1.5 miles 10am clean grip sotts press 5x5 clean and jerk 8 x 1hang clean + pause squat 5 x 511am - Men complete 30-24-18-12-6 reps of:  Muscle-ups  135-lb. squat snatches women complete 27-21-15-9-3 reps of:  Muscle-ups  95-lb. squat snatches
skill - Bar Muscle ups CTBButterfly/kipping pull ups 20 min EMOM min 1 - ski erg min 2 - Dball hold min 3 - ring support hold min 4 - KB cleans 
Strength - 15 min time cap hang power clean, power clean, front squat 20 min EMOM min 1 - Hang squat cleans min 2 - push ups