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Team Nasty will be completing 3 Qualifiers in 1 day due my injuries, so todays WODs will be variations to allow me to coach and take part in the qualifiers

9am WOD

20 min Time CAP

150 Cal row
125 Burpees over row
100 Snatch
80 Burpees

10am Clean

Clean grip Sotts press - 5 x 5
Clean + Front Squat - 1 + 4 x 5
Hang power clean - 5 x 5

11am WOD

Death by EMOM

partner Deadlift
toes to bar
box jump overs

With some shoulder niggles going around along making sure those that haven't keep them away, we are gonna cover the simple Bullet Proof Shoulders programme. Those of you that sit at desks or in cars all day you need to add this to your daily routine.

bullet proof shoulders side plank reverse flys 20reps  push up I raises 3-4 x 15sec hold push up plus 15 reps bent over t raises 20 reps bent arm raises 20reps cuff rotations 15 reps Skills - ring muscle ups 20 min EMOM 1 - rowing cals 2 - burpees 3 - plank hold 4 - superman hold
The future of Crossfit Bournemouth is bright and positive, and as we continue to grow as a gym and a community new chapters must be written. Our time at Holdenhurst Road is coming to an end and we are currently looking into relocating the gym within the Bournemouth area. I will update you all once i have more information about the move.

oly - 15 min time Cap Find a 1RM hang power clean  WOD - 10 min AMRAP 30 double unders 15 clean and jerks 
9am Team couplet
row thrusters 10 am Snatch
Snatch sotts press 5 x 5 Snatch balance 5 x 3 snatch 5 x 3 Hang Snatch 5 x 3 11:00 am20 min AMRAP Partner 10 cal assault bike   15 push up 20 box jumps
wes For time:Cash in- Run 800 meters 14 rounds of:5 strict pull-ups4 burpee box jumps, 24-in. box3 cleans, Cash out-  run 800 meters
Skill - HSPU Strict kipping Def HSPU WOD - 20 min AMRAP Partner WOD 10 handstand push-upsDB walking lunges, 15 steps
Bear complex 5 x 7 rest as needed after each round 1 reps equals Power clean front squat push press back squat push press behind the neck 5 rounds 10 hollow rocks 10 v ups 10 v tucks 10s hold 1 min rest
Use this week to have some fun and move after Easter, we will be going into a new wave next week  
Team WOD 
For time Cash in 1000m row Fran 63-45-27Thrusters Pull ups Cash out 1000m Row 
9am - Team WOD

MB Murph

? MB run
? MB cleans
? MB run

10 am - 20 min CONGA Line

Snatch x 1 rep

20 min CONGA line

Clean and jerk x 1 rep
Alex has confirm he will be opening the gym Friday 10-12 for Open gym time, this means you can come in and catch up on missed WODs or practice some movements in your own time.

There will be no set WOD as it will be programmed as a rest day after thursdays WOD, if you wish to attend please book in

find a 1RM Front Squat partner wod 10 rounds 5 front Squats10 bar facing burpees 15 ttb

Easter Opening Hours

We are closed for Easter Friday and Bank Holiday Monday, but will be open for a fun Saturday.
We will be running a WOD on Thursday rather than are normal EMOMs, to make up for being closed Friday.  

9am teams of 3 150 cal row 150 DB snatch 150 cal row 150 push ups 10am clean grip sotts press 5x5 clean grip oh squat 5x5 clean and jerk 5 x 5 hang clean 5 x 5 11am 84 pull ups 42 OH squats  60 pull ups 30 Oh Squats  32 pull ups 18 Oh Squats
kelly 5 rounds 400m run 30 box jumps 30 wall balls 5 rounds 10 hollow rocks 10 v ups 10 v tucks 10s hold 1 min rest
skill - bar muscle ups 20 min emom min 1 - Ski erg min 2 - KB swings min 3 - bent knee lever hold min 4 - Superman hold

Happy Birthday Esmae

10 min time cap 1 RM clean Esmae 15:40 amrap 5 HSPU 4 cleans @80%16 hollow rocks 
Push jerk 5 x 5 Teams of 3For Time:300/200 Cal. Row300/200 Cal. Ski Erg300/200 Cal. Assault Bikeall 3 people working at same time  doesn’t have to be split equal 
9am Team "Wall ball" Ghost 1 min Rowing 1 min Wall balls 1 min DU10 am Snatch Snatch sotts press Snatch balance snatch Hang Snatch 11am Teams of 3” Ground to Overhead ”For Time:50 reps 60/4340 reps 70/5230 reps 84/5620 reps 93/6310 reps  100/70