Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Self feedback and goal setting

Can I start this post off with a massive well done to all those that have taken part in the Open, those that helped out with judging on Saturdays making it a community feeling rather than just a class.

With the Open coming to a close, I hope your all gonna be setting new goals to achieve.

Hopefully we've all taken something positive away from the open work outs and learnt some lessons along the way. Thank you all so much for giving it everything you have got and can walk away learning something new about yourself. If this has been your first Open either scaled or Rx can hold your head up high and be happy with what you have achieved.

Can you all please send me over some goals you wanna achieve in the next 6months so that I can help with these.

If your entered into any comps please also send me over dates so that I have these written down

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