Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Coach Liam and Martyn during SID Prep 

Open Feedback 

Due to the feedback provided by you as members and your desire to improve weaknesses, coach Martyn and Liam are teaming up to offer some individualise programs.


What do you get?
1 hour personal training session
30 day Personalised Program with progressions building towards your goals

What can it cover?
Gymnastic focus
Engine specific (running, rowing)
- depending on your goal

How is this different from the extras?
The extras is CrossFit focused with the goal of broad fitness, compared to tailored programmes focusing on your weaknesses. The one to one sessions will be used as benchmarks to go over movements and programme focus.

Nutrition Advice 

The second service I would like to offer officially is nutrition guidance, which is another topic people keep asked for.


What do you get?
half hour 121 going over eating habits and what foods you like
6 day eating plan allowing for a cheat day
Body fat measurements and targets

What can the program focus on?
Weight gain for strength
weight loss
Increase in energy during the day

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