Friday, 17 February 2017

Class structure Changes during the Open

From Next Week I will be changing the Structure of the week to Fit the CrossFit Games Open in. The structure will be changing to give us as a gym more time to prepare for the WOD and to make it more of a social experience :-

We will be following the below Structure for 5 weeks

Monday - Strength & Class WOD
Tuesday - Oly & Class WOD
Wednesday - Strength & Class WOD
Thursday - Gymnastic Skill and Engine
Friday - Weightlifting Class or Open Prep
Saturday - 30 min Group -  CrossFit Games WOD
Sunday - Rest Day

Saturday 25th - End of Open Party with Food and Drinks

For those that can't make Saturdays you can do the WOD on Friday if you wish but please email me to book it in.

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