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some simple lower body volume to shake off 17.1, well done to everyone that took part in last friday or saturday. Lets bring on another good turn out this weekend with a big thanks to everyone that judged.

6 rounds min 1 - 10 back squats min 2 - max air squats min 3 - max cal assault bike 
5 rounds  10 hollow rocks  10 vups  10 tucks  10s hollow hold  1 min rest 

Saturday Lights

Welcome to 17.1 Open WOD

We will be running 30 min heats starting at either :10 mins or :40mins, which will allow for change over between heats.

Please arrive 30 mins early to help judge or judge after you heat. This should be a great social event for everyone to get behind each other.

Fridays Classes all gave a good showing

So here its is

20 min time cap

For time
10 Alt DB Snatches @22.5/15 kg
15 Burpee box jumps 24"/20"
20 Alt DB Snatches
15 Burpee box jumps
30 Alt DB Snatches
15 Burpee box jumps
40 Alt DB Snatches
15 Burpee box jumps
50 Alt DB Snatches
15 Burpee box jumps
Just to remind you all to book in for tomorrows Open WOD, but remember anyone can do it you haven't gotta sign up online for it. But for those that wanna compare themselves to the rest of the world in there age bracket its the best way to see how your fitness compares.

Open WOD/Prep or Weight Lifting complex TBC on arrival
Oly - Snatch 15 min time Cap build to a heavy single WOD -13.1 open 17min AMRAP 40 burpees 30 snatch 30 burpees 30 snatch 20 burpee 30 snatch 10 burpee amrap snatch

Class structure Changes during the Open

From Next Week I will be changing the Structure of the week to Fit the CrossFit Games Open in. The structure will be changing to give us as a gym more time to prepare for the WOD and to make it more of a social experience :-

We will be following the below Structure for 5 weeks

Monday - Strength & Class WOD
Tuesday - Oly & Class WOD
Wednesday - Strength & Class WOD
Thursday - Gymnastic Skill and Engine
Friday - Weightlifting Class or Open Prep
Saturday - 30 min Group -  CrossFit Games WOD
Sunday - Rest Day

Saturday 25th - End of Open Party with Food and Drinks

For those that can't make Saturdays you can do the WOD on Friday if you wish but please email me to book it in.

Saturday Programming

With the Sonny Webster Work Shop Saturdays programming will be :-

Warm up - 10 min jog 
5 min Mobility - Ankle and hip focused 
For Time 
Run 5KM  This must be an all out effort, 
Cool Down - 10 min jog  5-15 mins mobility 

Sonny Webster Work shop

Structure for Sonny Webster Work Shop

8:30am Sonny Arrives
8:45am Morning Group kit up for intro
9:00am Snatch Work Shop
10:30am Clean and Jerk Work Shop
12:00pm Demo and Q&A with Sonny
01:00pm Morning Group Depart

10 min EMOM 1 x hang power clean + jerk WOD - DT 5 Rounds for time:12 Deadlifts9 Hang Power Cleans, 6 Push Jerks,5 rounds 10 hollow rocks 10 vups 10 vtucks 10 hollow hold 1 min Rest

Sonny Webster Update

With the Sonny Webster work shop only being in the morning, we have increased the class size to 20 people. Please make sure you book in before its too late to attend. There will be no classes on this day due to the Work Shop.

Back Squat 5 x 5 15 min Amrap1000m Row100 db Snatch  Max HSPU
9am 25min AMRAP 3000m row 300 wall balls 30/20max effort Pull ups 10am Power snatch + hang snatch + snatch Power clean + hang clean + clean + jerk 11am 20 min time cap clean and jerks, 30 repsRest 1 minuteclean and jerks, 30 repsRest 1 minuteclean and jerks, 30 repsRest 1 minuteclean and jerks, 30 repsRest 1 minuteclean and jerks, 30 repsRest 1 minuteclean and jerks,  Max reps
Skill - Bar muscle ups progressions 20 min EMOM min 1 - row cals min 2 - DB thrusters min 3 - hollow rocks min 4 - superman hold
Saturday 18th Feb 
Due to numbers we will now only be running a morning work shop with Olympian Sonny Webster. He will cover Snatch and Clean and jerk with you, he will also do a Demo which is always good to watch. 
Anyone can attend as its for all abilities, but you'll be coached by an Olympian in his sport. 

Strength - Push press find a 20rm WOD - 7 min Amrap60/40 Cal. Assault BikeMax Clean and Jerks 60/42Core - 5 rounds 10 hollow rocks 10 vups 10 vtucks 10s hold 1 min rest
Oly - 10 min EMOM 1 x P snatch + snatch bal WOD - 12 min AMRAP 20 T2B 10 L-arm OH walking lunges10 R-arm OH walking lunges
Strength - Back Squat 5 x 5 WOD - Five 3 min rounds 10 Front Squats 10 box Jumps @30/24"max cal row rest 3 mins
Extras warm up- 800m run  10 rounds 400m effort 200m recovery cool down - 800m run 10 mins Practice HS Walk
9am -
teams of 3  63-54-45-36-27-18-9Thrusters Burpees over bar 10am - 5 x 1 @80% snatch 5 x 1 @80% C&J11am - Teams of 220 min Amrap100 Cal. Assault Bike100 Chest to Bar100 Front Squats 100 KB Swings