Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 news update

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As some of you are aware I get feedback on programming and class structure all the time. It has been said that some want more strength work and less competition focus. People want to keep doing strength all year round and see improvements along with a WOD at the end, this goes against GPP (general physical preparation).

Gym Programming

Class structure for the week will now be covering the following;

3 days of strength
2 days of pure weightlifting (including Saturdays Oly)
4 days of individual WODs
2 days of team WODS
2-3 Days pure gymnastic skill focus
1 moving day
1 pure rest day

Whats FON Doing - Open Comp Prep  

The extras program will now be changing to a competition focus page and this will be what I do on a daily basis. The idea behind this is to improve your broad fitness for competitions and to ensure you have the tools to compete at a high level. There will be a cost for this at £20 due the time it takes me to sit down and analyse programme data from previous comps, to make sure we try and focus on the right things. To follow program will require an additional 1 hour on top of class programming or early morning running on your own. I would also suggest if your going that extra mile to improve your fitness for competitions, you also take a look at your basic nutrition.
Please contact me for more advice or to point you in the right direction.

Program will cover

3 Days of strength
2-4 Days of weightlifting
5 Days of Gymnastics drills and practice
3 Days of Running
5 Days of Met-cons
1 Day rest

Maverick fit - Running Programme

This will be developed along side Maverick Races to target those who want to improve times over 5km, 10km, plus other distances. We will use your current times over your target distance to help with producing a plan of attack to improve times with less running volume.
Just like weight lifting you need to improve the skill of running as well as just running distances, so there will be some drills to help you out.
Please contact me for more details as this will be launching soon

Costs £20

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