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Individual Goal Setting for 2017

Individual Goal Setting for 2017

Below you will see the Hierarchy of Development. We have spoken in the past about the three headed monster (cardio, strength, gymnastics) we can now begin to focus on specific areas within these domains to improve. 
Within Sport and Wellness everyone needs a specific Goal to maintain focus, this becomes hard within CrossFit due to the broad domain of movements. The gyms main focuses is GPP (general physical preparedness) followed by competition prep. We try to improve specific areas of fitness using mini cycles within gymnastics, strength and engine. 

Below I am gonna talk about Goal setting in more detail, I have also attached a form for you to fill out to help us as coaches meet your Goal. 

The method is called S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting. I’ve used this way of setting goals with my private clients in the past and here is what the acronym stands for – specific, measurable, attainable/achievable, relevant and timely.

First, lets start off by creating a goal. For example – you want to be at 12% body fat by June 2017. Then we can break down each portion and add action steps to get you there by defining the who/what/why/where/how/when.
Specific – The “Who” and “What”
You want to find a specific area of improvement and answer some specific details about it. In the above example, the goal is to lose body fat, specifically from wherever you are at to 12%. So one of the first action steps would be to go and have your body fat measured so that we would have an accurate starting point.
Once you created your goal, then you can add more details to it. Some action steps towards being 12% body fat might be changing your eating habits, hiring a nutrition coach, and/or coming to the gym four days a week. This can look different for everyone, based on what his or her goal is.
Measureable – The “How” Part 1
We want to be able to quantify what it is we are looking to accomplish. CrossFit is big on numbers and data and being able to show progress, which is why we do benchmark workouts regularly and test the 1-RM in our lifts. This allows us to see if what we are doing is effective or not. The same can be said here for measuring your goal. In the example above, the measurement is the goal of being 12% body fat by June 2017…just in time for summer!
Attainable  – The “How” Part 2
How will you make your goal attainable? Let’s say you want to lose weight or put on muscle; there are things that you are going to need to start doing in order to make this goal attainable. You may find that you need some additional resources as well as support from people. If you are looking to lose weight, perhaps some things you will need to start doing is food prep a couple of times a week, stop eating out and get your entire family onboard. If your goal is to gain weight, perhaps you will need extra calorie intake daily and even look at a weight gain program. In order to make your goal attainable, you will need to find both the time and resources that will help you reach it. I have spoken to local nutrition coach Anna Marsh who has helped with my own personal weight goals. 
Relevant – The “Why” 
This is perhaps the most important component – you have to have a clear “why” as to why you want to accomplish your goal. Without this “why”, you will not be motivated and committed enough to stick to it. Your goal must have depth, weight and true meaning; otherwise you will not do what it takes in order to make it stick. Your “why” has to be clear and its important you spend some time defining it and what it means to you. I encourage you to share your goal with as many people as possible, which will help you stay accountable to it. 
Timely – The “When”
This allows you to put a target date for when you want to accomplish your goal. Once you do this, you can create a timeline working backwards from your goal with smaller benchmarks to reach along the way to help you stay on track.
I am attaching a template that can help guide you in setting goals; I have successfully used this in the past with clients. You can find it here:

Its not the only one out there, but its one that I have found to be effective and provides enough guidance and direction to help you get started in setting and achieving your goals. It’s also a great sheet to keep things fairly simple. Any of the Bournemouth coaches can help you set a goal if you are having trouble getting started, so schedule some time with us and we would be happy to help you.

Now you have set your goals, enjoy Christmas and bring on 2017

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