Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Fresh for 2017 

- Launching in January 2017 

We will be making some changes to the structure in which the extras program will be running to give you more choice in what you wanna work on. After some feedback on class structure and areas people wanna focus on with there own goals in 2017.

The extras program will be broken up into sub sections

A - Strength

B - Gymnastics

C - Open Prep

E - Class WOD

Each section will cycle through 4 week waves, with a focus of structured progressions or loading.

- Strength will run Monday, Wednesday and Friday along with a strength day within the classes.

- Gymnastics will run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday with optional 5th day on Saturday if you don't do all the wods.

- Open Prep will run Mon, Tues, Weds, Friday and Saturday with Thurs being a recovery day and sunday being a rest day

The idea behind this structure is to allow you the best chance of improvement due to loadings and recovery.

Please try to stick to a domain you wish to work on otherwise you wont see the improvements in the area your weak in.


With the added focus on performance gains, you will also need to improve nutrition to aid with recovery otherwise whats the point of spending 2 hours in the gym trying to improve.
With nutrition and recovery being number 1 in the hierarchy, we need to ensure every effort to improve is made.

Heres a few ideas -

1 - Do you have time to food prep, if so look into the zone approach

2 - Speak to Anna Marsh for a diet plan suited to you and your lifestyle 

3 - Ensure you diet is balanced and you eating enough for your daily requirements 

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