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20 min AMRAP In partners 10 HSPU 6-in. deficit20-calorie row30 Alt pistols 5 rounds10 hollow rocks 10 vups 10 v tucks 10sec hollow hold 
20 min AMRAP In partners 10 HSPU 6-in. deficit20-calorie row30 Alt pistols 5 rounds10 hollow rocks 10 vups 10 v tucks 10sec hollow hold
Still spaces for Sonny Webster please book in to save your space, I will be opening this up to external members at the end of December

15 min time Cap Find a 1RM Power Snatch 10 min AMRAP 10 burpees box jumps 75-lb. power snatches, 15 reps
Please remember to book in for this years Xmas Throwdown as it marks 6 years of CrossFit Bournemouth, will be a fun comp with mixed abilities aimed at everyone having fun. Families welcome along to make it another special Birthday

Every 3 mins for as long as possible 0 - 3 mins 2 rounds 10 Front Squats 10 CTB3 - 6 mins 2 rounds 12 front squats 12 CTB6-9 mins 2 rounds 14 Front squats 14 CTBkeep adding 2 reps every 3 mins 
teams 3Assault bike HSPU ski erg HSPU 10am - Oly hang snatch, snatch, 2 x oh squat hang clean, clean + split jerk 11am 20 min AMRAP 50 du 30  OH lunges 30 moutain climbers
6th Birthday Celebrations & Xmas social 
Just to remind everyone that the 10th Dec will be a fun Throwdown for everyone to be involved in, last year we did mixed partners so will be along the same lines. There will be drinks after to celebrate Xmas and our 6th Birthday

Still space for Casa Brazil if you wanna come please let me know as we have our own side

Marston20 min AMRAP Deadlift, 1 rep10 toes-to-bars15 bar-facing burpees

To remind you all Sonny Webster will be coming on the 18th Feb 2017 for a seminar, either morning or afternoon session. He will spend 90mins with you on your Clean and Jerk then 90mins on your Snatch with some mobility drills and skills.

booking can be found via goteamup

- 25 min AMRAP 25 thrusters25 burpees25 SDHP - 5 rounds 10 hollow rocks 10 v ups 10 v tucks 10 sec hollow hold rest 1 min
skill - muscle ups For time:50 wall-ball50 deadlifts50 handstand push-ups
Each time you break a set of wall-ball shots or handstand push-ups, deadlift the barbell and hold it at your waist for 15 seconds before returning to the ball or wall.
82 pull ups 30 DB snatch 60 pull ups 24 DB snatch 32 pull ups 18 DB snatch 10:00 amSnatch hang power snatch + power snatch Clean and jerk hang power + power clean + Push jerk 11am 20 min amrap5 clean and jerks10 toes-to-barspartner goes
8 min AMRAP10 Push press 10 Box jump over 24/202 min rest 8 min AMRAP8 CTB10/8 assault bike rest 2 min 8 min AMRAP10 cal row 10 push ups
We start our next phase which is building towards the Open,  
But first we need to improve your ability to cycle through barbel reps and gymnastic movements. 
Lets start by retesting one of this years open work outs

Open 16.20-4 min 25 ttb 50 du 15 cleans @61/384-8 mins 13 cleans 83/528-12 min 11 cleans 102/6512-16 mins 9 cleans 124/7916-20 mins 7 cleans 142/93

32 is a lovely number

9am - Dirty Thirty (2)

Team Waterfall

32 cals Assault bike
32 Push ups
32 MB cleans
32 cal row
32 Push ups
32 MB cleans
32 cal ski
32 push ups
32 MB cleans

- In your team you need to complete the above work out as fast a possible without holding up each other
10am - Oly Snatch Deadlift + Hang Power + Squat snatch Clean Deadlift + Hang Clean + Jerk 11am Happy Birthday me 3 rounds, start every 10 mins 32 heavy wall balls 32 clean and jerks 32 T2B 
- Complete each round as fast as possible within the 10 min time frame

Deadlift find a 1rm - Rememberance WOD 18 min AMRAP 11 hang power Snatch 11 burpee 11 thrusters 11 pull ups
On the 11th min pause for 1 whole min silence before carrying on on
Todays movement is the most testing for most of you due to the over head position, lets make sure we spend plenty of time working through tight areas to reduce any breakdowns in movement mechanics.

Press find a 1rm for time 50 TTB 100 weighted arm haulers
We will be spending a lot of time on rowing technique and starts before going into todays WOD, wanna help with structure and approach

For time 1000m rowAccessories 10 rounds (notfor time) 10 Ring Rows 10 Pistols

Testing Week

Testing week means a reduction in volume and a increase in focus on strength progress, lets see how much progress has been made this last 4 weeks. 
I just wanna say how happy I am to see you all moving so much better. Those picking up niggles hopefully over the past few weeks we as coaches have shown you why you pick up injuries. Injuries are due to over loading of joint in positions of weakness, lets focus on strengthening those joints in a position of strength. 
Have a good week everyone and lets see some PBs if you fail to achieve progress come see me or one of the coaches to talk about whats holding you back.

Back Squat Find a 1rm for time 50 pull ups 3 min plank
Just to remind you all there will be no 7pm class this evening and the gym is closed tomorrow due to Strength in Depth

Deadlift 5 @40 5 @505 @60 DT5 rounds 12 dl @70/47.59 hang power clean 6 push jerk
Due to Strength in Depth this weekend we will not be running a 7pm Class and the gym will be closed Saturday

Press  5 @40 5 @505 @60 18 min AMRAP 30 DU 12 push press 55/359 pull ups
Due to Strength in Depth this weekend we will not be running a 7pm Class Friday and the gym will be closed Saturday, I will post a WOD for you all to do at home

5 rounds 3 min AMRAP 20/15cal assault bike 15 power cleans ME box jumps 1 min rest