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We will be starting a new power phase from next week so some bench marks this week, and a little WOD to get you over the weekend.

Tomorrow we will hit Crossfit totals to retest after the last 8 weeks cycle

Thursdays will also be changing to EMOMs to include general gymnastic skills and specific movements drills to make Thursdays more active than rest. With the change to programming please listen to your bodies and rest when needed so you don't get run down or injured.

Oly - 20 mins time cap

1RM Snatch

WOD - 10 min AMRAP

10 OH lunges
10 burpees

old sch photo from previous box 
last day of back off week 
Strength - Deadlift (90% 1rm + 5kg) 
5 @40%, 5 @50%, 5 @60%
WOD - Chief 
5 rounds  3 min AMRAP  3 power cleans  6 push ups  9 squats 
rest 1 min after each 3 mins

Drill and drill is the focus for today 

Oly - Snatch

20 min EMOM

1 x snatch @50% 1RM

Gymnastics - Pull ups

Todays WOD is simple but effective, who has what it takes to keep moving and find the dark place

Strength - Press (90% 1RM + 2.5kg)

5 @40%, 5 @50%, 5 @60%

WOD - Open 12.1

7 min AMRAP

Burpees to a 6" target

Skill - GHD Back extension

WOD - Partner WOD Tuesday

31 min AMRAP
Partner 1
8 Thrusters
12 Pull ups
11 Box Jumps
Partner 2
400m run MB carry
Great community spirit shown during Murph a few weeks back 

Strength - Back Squat 
5 @40%, 5 @50%, 5 @60%
WOD - 15 min AMRAP 
50 Cal Row  40 TTB  30 Hang P Clean  20 HSPU
Strength - Deadlift 
5 @75%, 3 @85%, 1+ @95%
WOD - 10 min AMRAP 
50 DU  10 Back squat 
rest 3 min 
7 min AMRAP  50 DU  10 STOH
Oly - Snatch Focus

Snatch High pull + Snatch

no more than 30/25 building from last week, moving fast

Gymnastics - Rings

Building stronger and shoulders using push pull
Some of the issues we see when going over head, can you identify your posture

Strength - Press 
5 @75, 5 @85, 1+ @95 
WOD - for time
10 SDHP  15 burpees over bar  20 SDHP  25 burpees over bar 30 SDHP  35 burpees over bar
Only a few spaces left for this weekend as it will be small group focused, book in via gateamup if you want to compete this year or want to further your training knowledge 

WOD - Partner

42 Pull ups
100 KB Swings
42 Right Hand  KB OHS
100 KB Swings
42 Left Hand KB OHS
100 KB Swings
42 Pull ups

Sums up last week 

Strength - Back Squat (90% 1rm + 5kg)
5 @75%, 3 @85%, 1+ @95%
WOD - JT  for time 
21 - 15 - 9  HSPU  Dips  Push ups 
Last years SID team, please can you send me interest if you wanna compete this year Qualifiers starts soon 
Training camp is now live on the Booking system and spaces are limited, we will start at 8am and finish at 2 pm. Structure will be based around a comp so during rest periods we will look at nutrition and recovery during chill time

Strength - Deadlift 
3 @70%, 3 @80%, 3+ @90%
WOD - For time 
Front Squats  Dips
Todays WOD or Catch up session

Oly - Snatch

reset day - move just the bar but focus on speed, lets get fast twitch fibres going

Ive focused on this for two weeks and addressing mobility issues holding me back from moving faster not relying on load to catch in squat

Muscle ups - cover all areas

False grip strength
Kip swing
dip strength
Strength - Press (based off 90% +2.5kg)
3@70%, 3@80%, 3+ @90%
WOD - 15 min AMRAP 
10 TTB   15 Thrusters 

Throw back to last years partner throwdown 

Oly - Clean complex 
Deadlift  Hang power clean  Front Squat 
WOD - for time  Grace  30 x clean and jerk 
Where it all started from to now 

Back Squat - based off 90% + 5kg  3@70%, 3 @80, 3+ @90 
Partner WOD - 5 rft  250m row  25 push ups 
round for round 

930am class smashing murph on saturday, great to see so many of your turning up week in week out on saturdays 

Strength - deadlift 
5 @65%, 5 @75, 5 @85%
WOD - for time  5 rounds  400m run  50 air squats 

Me and liam are looking to host a training camp on the 21st May, we will cover your two Olympic lifts, gymnastics and some WODs to help prepare you for comps. Focus is on comp standards and warm up and cool downs 
We will look into food intake and anything else we feel you need to know, please email with interest   

Partner WOD 
30 min AMRAP 
5 CTB  10 KB Cleans  15 KB Thrusters 
Round for Round
Saturday Crew smashing out Murph 

Press (based off 90% + 2.5kg)
5 @65%, 5 @75%, 5+ @85%
WOD - 10 min AMRAP  10 SDHP  30 Double unders 
On Wednesday evening and Thursday morning we will have a member of the Xendurance team down, to speak about the benefits of good nutrition and how supplements can help.  I have been using this product for several months now and can highly recommend it, their range is great depending on your needs. Dan will be hanging around near my office, so if you have any questions please go speak to him. 
Thursday will be a WOD this week due to bank holiday Monday so we will be going straight through to Sat with no rest days 
Going into your 2nd cycle you'll need to add 2.5kg to press numbers and 5kg to deadlift and squat numbers

Strength - Back Squat
warm up - 5 @40%, 5@50%, 5 @60%
working sets - 5 @65%, 5 @75%, 5+ @85%

WOD - 5 rounds (not for time)

ME BW bench

rest as needed after each round