Friday, 22 January 2016

Every body type needs to be fuelled differently

Use Zone to find your daily requirements for you body shape 

Below is my honest approach to nutrition :-

For those of you that have asked about my average daily food intake, this will change depending on coaching hours, training volume and house work. I will follow this Monday to Saturday as it works and fuels me for my daily requirements, I will use snacks of donuts and cookies to boast my carb intake only when needed. This approach to food intake has come via the Zone method as I was over eating when following Paleo, but with work hours I find myself based around the Flex approach. I would not recommend using shakes and pre WOD drinks in the way I do but I would suggest buying something that works for you and fits into your daily blocks. If you need more info about the products I take or about zone drop me an email and Ill try help but everyone is different and work different patterns. I have tried to list the Protein, Carbs and Fats so you can see how little or how much I consume with my volume. I do not drink at weekends for personal reasons but if you do be aware of the added calorie intake this has and how it affects training and your goals.    

7am - Black coffee
Xendurance tablets

830am - Xendurance Protein shake
110 Cals
Protein - 20g
Carbs - 4g
Fats - 2g
take with milk

10am - Before morning session
Fuel 5
Carbs - 17g
Protein - 0g
Fat - 0g
Creatine -JB
carbs - 2.4g
protein - 0g
fats - 0g

11-1130am - after session
Xendurance Protein shake

Lunch - Bullet meal when Im Free
+ Coffee

Before afternoon Session -
Fuel 5

After Session
Xendurance Protein + Creatine JB

9pm - Dinner
Xendurance tablets

Either 150grams mince in a chilli
with either rice or sweet potato

or Slow cooked ham with
Brocoli and sweet potato

followed by yogurt  

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