Thursday, 24 December 2015

Please remember to empty changing rooms for Xmas period, we will be open boxing day if you can't make today

Below are some WODs for you to do over xmas

Body weight only

1 - 10 rounds
10 push ups
10 sit ups
10 squats

2 - 7 min AMRAP

3 - 50 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10
Push ups
Squat jumps

Running based

1 - 3 rounds
1 mile run
50 squats

2 - 10 min AMRAP
200m sprint
25 push ups
12 burpees

3 - 5 rounds
400m run
50 air squats

4 - Tabata
8 rounds, 20 sec work, 10 sec rest
push ups
sit ups

Endurance WODs

1 - 5 x 1000m Run, rest 2 min

2 - 10 x 250m sprints, rest 2 min

3 - 3 rounds
1000m run rest 5 min
750m run rest 4 min
500m run rest 3 min
250m run rest 2 min

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

As from January we will be focusing on Open Prep, which will require you to feel rubbish and go dark daily in the build up to the Open. So enjoy Xmas and New year let you body recover and come back Jan 4th ready to train hard. 

For those interested in Jan I will be offering extra programming for those wanting to push hard up to the Open, there will be a charge for this.  

I will also being doing Nutrition planning in the run up to the open so you are feeding yourselves correctly, please email me with any questions.  

Bench mark Weds - Lynne

5 rounds

max reps Body weight bench press
max rep Pull ups

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

WOD - For time

50 Double unders
20 TTB
50 Double unders

Monday, 21 December 2015

WOD - Open 13.1

17 min Time Cap

40 Burpees
30 Snatch
30 Burpees
30 Snatch
20 Burpees
30 Snatch
10 Burpees
AMRAP Snatch

Friday, 18 December 2015

Coming soon - Kids Classes 

We will be offering trial classes during January 
14th, 21st, 28th @ 4pm - 5pm with memberships starting in Feb. 

These Classes will be a progression for kids into Adult classes and will run in a similar way. 
We will be limiting class size to 10 kids once a week to begin with, as I can understand most kids are doing several sports already.  

Age - Kids - 5 - 12 

Teens 12 - 18 

When - Tuesday & Thursday 

Kids - 4 - 4:45 pm 
Teens - 5 - 6pm 

Costings - £18 per month 

Please email me with any questions or interest in booking in for a trial session as these will be 1st come 1st serve 


Head coach Martyn

Today your let off from wearing RED T-shirts as we will be wearing Red on Saturday for charity, so please remember your Red t-shirt on Saturday

Bench mark Friday - Kelly

5 Rounds
400m Run
30 Box jumps
30 Wall balls

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Friday will be a bench mark day but no red t-shirt, Robyn informs me that The Brain Tumour Charity colours are Red so can we all wear red on Saturday please so we can get a great photo for there web site.

The gym will be open from 9:30 Saturday with WOD 1 at 10am please all book in and write your names on white board so I can plan partners and heats.

Gymnastics - Muscle ups

- Pull ups drills

- Dip drills

- Muscle up transition

- Muscle up

No endurance today

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Todays WOD is pure mental strength, who likes feeling horrible

Strength - Press

build to a 1RM

WOD - Death by Burpees

min 1 - 1 burpee
min 2 - 2 burpee
etc etc

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Reminder we have raffle tickets in the office, £5 a strip for some wicked prizes. I will post the updated list later examples - £50 vouchers for the Edge, massages and many more 

Oly - Hang clean

10 rounds, lift every 2 mins
building in load each round to a heavy single

WOD - From

Tabata - 8 rounds, 20 sec work, 10 sec rest

Push Press
Sit ups
push ups

Monday, 14 December 2015

We now stock Xendurance supplements - please ask for more details benefits for everyone 

Strength - Back Squat 

find a 1RM 

WOD - Final TAG qualifier wod 3 

10min Time Cap 

Part A - Row 1000m 

Part B - Remaining time 

8 deadlift 
12 box Jump overs 

a - time 
b - reps 

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Xmas and New year Time table

24th December
7:30 & 9am classes only

25th December

26th December
Open for Xmas WOD

27th - 3rd December
Closed for maintenance

Friday, 11 December 2015

Those of you attending the charity day event on the 19th Dec please can you book in online, also on the gym white board you'll see BD, PUP, CAT can you please place your name so I can pair you up before the weekend.

Bench Mark Friday - Mary

20 min AMRAP

10 Pistols (alt)
15 Pull Ups

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Gymnastics - Ring Dip focus

Strength - 10 min Time cap
Find a 1RM ring dip

Accessories - Close grip push ups
                      Negative dips
                      Kip progressions

Mobility - internal rotation of shoulder  

Also looking at Running

Drills -  Plyometric and SAQ work

Benefits - leg speed
                 hip mobility
                explosive power

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Strength - Press

find a 10 RM

WOD - 7 rounds for time

35 double unders
1 x clean

score will be = rounds completed x weight used
if you miss a lift you move onto next round of double unders

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Fisher showing the hamstrings loaded during the second pull

Oly - Hang snatch

10 rds, lift every 2 mins

build to a heavy single for the day

Wod - for time

1000m Row

Midline - 100 twists 30 OH sit ups

Monday, 7 December 2015

Latest News 

Charity Day Throwdown - 19th Dec @9:30 

Mixed Partners - These will be decided on the day and WODs will be shared between pairs

Please use White board by platform to put your names and scale (bd, pup, cat) to help with planning.  There will also be a booking event on Goteamup for entry payment which I will send over to The Brain Tumour Charity.

There will also be a raffle on the day with some cool prizes below

2 x VIP tickets to 7s
Meal for two at chicken shack (£30)
Laser therapy session at Lilliput Health
Face care package from Jess at Lilliput Health
Sports massage with Cally Morfitt at Lilliput Health
Chiro assessment and Rx with Lisa Donovan at Lilliput Health
2 Go kart vouchers
Bottle of champagne
1lt Bottle of Bombay sapphire
Bottle by Smokin Aces
Beauty by Chloe
£20 voucher at   X 2
5 x protein powders from bulk powders
Yoga mad bolster
Muscle mousse protein pack and smart shakers
Primate food pots
Forever Living products
SGF rope 
1 hours Personal training session

More prizes still coming in so well worth your raffle ticket 

Looking forward to Xmas social and throwing down with everyone for a good cause, movements will  allow everyone to compete and partners will be equal 

Strength - Back squat

find a 10 RM

WOD - TAG qual 2

21 - 15 - 9


9 - 6 - 3



Run/Ski - 7 x 400m repeats with 200m recovery
Row - 7 x 500m repeats with 250m recovery

Friday, 4 December 2015

Red t-shirt Friday

Looking forward to having my partner in crime Liam hogan around more in 2016, exciting times for the new year  

 - Bench Mark Friday -


5 rounds
400m Run
15 OH Squats


Run/row/ski - 1000m - rest 4 min, 750m rest 3 min, 500m rest 2 min, 250m

Thursday, 3 December 2015

New Stock Now in

  • Xendurance has now arrived - Ask for more details 

Xendurance - £39.95

What is it - 
Xendurance, a revolutionary athletic performance formula, that is clinically proven to reduce lactic acid by 15%, increase aerobic threshold by double digits and reduce muscle soreness.

Benefits of Xendurance - 
  • Reduce Lactic Acid
  • Improve Aerobic Threshold
  • Speeds Recovery
  • Reduces Muscle Soreness
Coach Martyn Feedback 
Xendurance was the 1st product I ever took from the range 3 years ago, I was shocked with the speed of recovery I gained. I stopped taking to see how much difference it would make but never got round to ordering more in. I have since been looking at how to change my nutrition to aid my training since competing in Tag and The British Champs and found that I was always hitting the Lactic acid wall early. I have been taking this for about a month now and have noticed massive changes in my ability to push my Lactic threshold longer before having to ease off intensity.  

  • Fuel 5
  • Fuel 5 - £29.95 

What is Fuel 5 - 
  • Fuel-5 is a cutting edge, energy, carbohydrate formula made up of 5 different forms of fuel: 4 different types of carbohydrates, plus lactate.

  •      Energy, carbohydrate blend to help stabilize blood sugar levels during exercise
  •      Enhance energy production for prolonged exercise
  •      Electrolytes and vitamins B6 & B12 to assist in recovery
  •      Helps to eliminate cramping and muscle burn
  •      Caffeine Free 

Coach Martyn Feedback
I have been taking this for the past few weeks, as I was looking for a pre work out drink that wasn't heavy on caffeine so I didn't get headaches or that buzz feeling. I have used this in normal training and during competitions and have found my energy levels increase through those 4-20 min wods. Im able to push harder and get into a darker place resulting in faster times and more consistent time for my interval work rather than seeing a massive drop off. 

      Creatine - JB - £26.95

Whats in it - 4 grams of 100% Creatine monohydrate 
                    1000 mg Lactate 

Creatine Muscle Building Benefits:
  • Improves maximal strength
  • Improve muscular endurance
  • Increases anaerobic power and performance
Creatine Performance Gains:
  • Up to 15% increased maximum power and endurance
  • Up to 20% additional power with interval training
  • Up to 30% power gain and energy release in the short-sprint range
  • Up to 15% more for sprint repetitions
  • More strenuous activity possible
  • Increase in muscle mass and muscle strength
  • Quicker recovery
Coach Martyn Feedback - 
During strength phases I have found I was missing something, surviving on food and amino acids wasn't enough so went looking for a good pure source of Creatine and found this. Since taking Creatine -JB I have definitely noticed a difference in my performance in the gym and on the competition floor. Like with everything I wanted to try before recommending it. 

  • Protein
  • Protein - £49.00

  • XENDURANCE PROTEIN is a proprietary protein sports blend of 18 amino acids containing Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Micellar Casein and Calcium Caseinate. This protein blend has been produced with cold process filtration that allows it to be in its most bio-available and digestible form. Maximising absorption rate and utilisation of protein is key to muscle recovery, which puts XENDURANCE PROTEIN in a league of its own. XENDURANCE PROTEIN also contains 1500 mg of lactate, the body's preferred and most efficient fuel source over glycogen. This key muscle fuel helps you lower exercise induced body acid, allowing your body to recover faster. In addition, XENDURANCE PROTEIN contains the US Recommended Daily Value of vitamins B6, B12, D, along with 4255mg of BCAAs and essential electrolytes.

  • Coach Martyn Feedback - 
  • Although this is expensive I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for, I have never gone for the cheaper protein drinks as I always feel they cut corners. Xendurance have done really well with this protein, not only does it taste great but Im starting see great changes in shape and recovery 

bit of a reminder what we are about 


Pull up focus in todays wod

10-15 min working on what pull ups (strict, kipping, butterfly) you have, with feedback

then some work

24 min EMOM
min 1 - 30 sec chin over bar hold
min 2 - 30 sec hollow hold
min 3 - 30 sec ring rows
min 4 - 18/12 cal row

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Strength - Back Squat

warm up - 5 @40%, 5 @45%, 5 @55%
working sets - 5 @70%, 5 @80%, 1+ @90%

21 - 15 - 9

Ring dips
Push ups

10 min time cap


Run/row/ski - 1000m - rest 4 min, 750m rest 3 min, 500m rest 2 min, 250m

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Thanks Paul for some cracking photos from the weekend 

Oly - Power clean + jerk

6 x 1

WOD - Partner

60 - 50 - 40 - 30 - 20


Endurance -

Row/run/ski - 10 x 250m 2 min rest

Covid 19 Update - 24/05

Covid 19 - Update  Thank you all so much yet again for supporting the gym and I'm glad to see so many of you joining in on the WODs an...