Thursday, 17 September 2015


Gymnastics, as Coach Glassman says, "has no peer among training modalities" for developing the four neurological components of the ten physical skills that comprise real fitness--coordination, accuracy agility, and balance. These skills and the basic body control and complex movement patterns that gymnastics requires and develops are a critical part of full CrossFit programming, but they can seem intimidating or mysterious to those of us without a gymnastics background or specialized equipment. But it doesn't have to be that way: the basic moves are accessible to everyone on even basic equipment, with a bit of instruction, and are well worth learning 

Skills and Drills 


progressions - ball up, pass through/tucked back lever, back lever single leg, back lever straddle, back lever 

benefits - increase grip strength, increase midline strength, shoulder stability, lat strength, 

Cross-over benefits - improve pull ups, c2b, k2e, t2b, hand stands, bigger olympic lifts, improved crossfit totals etc etc 


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