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bank holiday monday

For time

Run 5km

post your scores in the comment section

20 min AMRAP

10 TTB
15 medicine ball cleans

Muscle ups - progressions

Notice how the above image shows how muscle ups are built around a strong hollow hold 
Ring muscle ups 
Bar muscle ups 
- we will show lots of progressions to build that transition strength
Sometimes you just have to go long, build an engine so that when you hit WODs you can keep moving. 

Team Cardio

Row 10km

rotate every 250 meters

With it being a bank holiday weekend we will only be open on Saturday for the 930 and 11 Oly class and we will be closed Monday. Get out and enjoy weekend if you wanna train Ill post a wod for you to post scores :)

Partner WOD
20 min AMRAP

10 hang power clean
15 Squats
Above you hear about the story of FRAN and what it means to us CrossFitters, some of you will look at this work out and think what is all the fuss about and some will be scared. 
Like all CrossFit work outs Fran is no different it is high intensity, this should take no longer than 5  mins to complete if it does you scaled to hard and didn't receive the stimulus required considering some athletes have posted times of 2:05 
FRAN 21-15-9

Red t-shirt Friday

Flt Lt Egging flew on the right hand outside of the Diamond Nine formation Todays work out as promised is named after Flt Lt Egging as his position in the Diamond was flight number 4 as a mark of respect we are gonna perform a wod with the number 4 as are rep increase for the ladder. 
 - "Egging"  wod

- 100 double unders  - 10 min Ladder 
4 Curtis P @ 60kg
4 Burpees

add 4 reps each round, total number of reps is your score  
Remember we need to build control of our own body before we can control external load 
More gymnastic skills and drills for all levels to help build a stronger midline,

Hollow Hold  Superman hold   T2B K2E

We will be working strict and kipping then building complexes to help build strength and skill on the bar

Strength Day

- Snatch Balance

3 x 5 - across

- Hang Snatch

2 x 2  across

- Snatch
Please remember to look at your basic movements you struggle with and think about why you struggle with them before increasing volume on the more complex movements, you'll get stronger quicker this way. Spend time working on your Air squat and press and your olympic lifts will go up

Todays WOD is very gymnastic based but with plenty of scaled options

For time

Cash in - 5 rope climbs


5 rounds

10m HS walk
10 burpees
20 Pistols alt

Skill - 50 TTB for time
working in partners will bring the best out of you and make you push that much harder

Team Karen

300 Wall balls
EMOM - 5 power snatch

1 partner must perform 5 power snatches before you can start WB
Team SID please be at box for 8:45 as we will be hitting Qual 1 at 9, we will also be filming this weekend so please bring iPads and phones to film, if you can't make it please email or if you can't get in till later so I can plan pairs


20 min AMRAP

30 Box jumps
20 Push press
30 Pull ups

Gymnastic tekkers

Learning superior core control safeguards your lower back, teaches great posture, and makes you stronger

I think a few of you are forgetting how important the Gymnastic class is to your lifting and met-cons those not showing up aren't improving as fast as those that turn up week in week out

Gymnastic drills

Pull ups - strict, kipping and CTB

Rope Climbs - L-sit, legless and feet

We will work on developing these skills through putting those that can do the movements through some complexes specific to you as an individual so that you get a work out whilst improving your skills
- Team Row

5 rounds each

250m Row
15 burpees

- for time
50 ring dip
Those doing SID please make sure your hear Saturday we are gonna have another trial run of the WOD before 930 class Saturday, if you can't make it due to work please let me know.

- 10 min EMOM
2 x clean and jerk

- Find a 2 RM
Front squat

- Find a 2 RM
Split jerk

8 rounds
20 sec work, 10 sec rest

- Power Snatch

Skill - For time
50 Pull Ups
Pull up program

Red t-shirt Friday

Building a community that celebrates together but also pushes each other 

We have Matt joining us for his stag weekend and just like birthdays Ive been asked to create a Stag WOD by his best man Joel who has been to train with us before.

wedding date - 5th sept 2015

21 min AMRAP
in partners

partner 1 will do the following
5 thrusters
15 box jumps

whilst partner 2
runs 400m (bottom corner and back)

Gymnastics Progressions

Muscle ups

Rings and Bar

with accessory work
Skill day

5 min AMRAP
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
rest 3 mins

10 min time cap
50 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10
double unders
sit ups
rest 3 min

5 min AMRAP
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 sit ups
Team WODs are a great way to push each other, make sure you get behind your team

Team WOD

For time in pairs complete the following:


Ground to Overhead 40/30kg

Burpees over bar

Must tag partner after every transition

Skills - HS walk practice

Strength Day

Rich Froning failing a clean in the best position rather than at the top focus on getting under the bar today

- Cleans
7 x 2 - heavy double

- Front squat
5 x 5

- Jerk
5 x 3