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Last years SID team its another year and we have new members join the core team, those that have received an email please can you bring in your £10 commitment fee.  Qual 1 comes out this weekend strength in depth link  

Red t-shirt Friday

4 rounds

50 OH plate lunges e/l
40 Push ups
20 Pull ups
10 Hollow rocks
In competitions you will come across different standards, today we will play with these and help you find your standard plus some hand stand skills 
HSPU Progressions 
Against wall & free standing 
Plates and Deficit 

Ali showing great depth even though her judge had no idea 

Strength Day

- 10 min EMOM
2 x Snatch

- Snatch High Pull
5 x 1 - increasing

- Back Squat
5 x 5 - across
Time to work your engine, Lets see how many of you like being in a Dark Place  

- Rowing intervals

10 x 250 m

1:30 rest or rotate through your three

- Gymnastic strength

50 strict pull ups


3 x 10 Ring rows
3 x 10 negative pull ups

- 3 min Plank
Throw back to DWF success, we are looking to build a stronger team environment and community, we have Strength in Depth coming up along with the Super Team cup which we have a team entered. By working on every aspect of fitness we will develop a broad fitness, hard work has been done on form now time to build strength. 
Team Elizabeth 
for time  250 Squat Cleans  250 Ring dips 

Happy Birthday Leon

Just as you asked for Leon enjoy, can't wait for your Birthday Burpees  

For Time 
42 Clean and jerks  24 Snatches  07 Rope Climbs  19 OHS 73 Burpees 
Pull ups 
Drills and progressions to improve 
Strict pull ups  Kipping Pull Ups  Kipping CTB
and everyones favourite 
Butterfly Pull ups 

CFB News letter
So the main focus from our last newsletter was Move better= Be better. One thing that will help you get even more PB’s, make you WOD faster and get better scores is getting back to basics and really working on your technique.”
Strength Head
So with The British Champs and Wild West out of the way we can now start to go through a strength phase. The last few months have been focused on improving your movements so that you can move faster and maintain a higher intensity. We have also been improving your gymnastic on Thursday “Rest Day” to develop skills and movements. What it is has highlighted to us coaches is a lack of midline strength on basic movements, which makes more complex movements even harder to perform.
Over the last 5 weeks I have started to add a pure strength day, this allows us coaches to work with you on your Olympic lifts and to use accessories to improve elements of those lifts. We have also been doing a heavy WOD once a week to help with stren…
Was great to see so many of you head up to Wild West time to build some strong all round teams 

Team WOD 
100 cal row  100 HSPU  100 cal row  100 burpees 
Strength Day

- Snatch
7 x 2

- Snatch Grip Push press
5 x 2

- OH squat
5 x 2

- Lynne

5 rounds

Max Reps BW bench press
Max Reps Pull ups

rest as needed

-  3 attempts

Max effort L-sit hold

Happy birthday Millie

22 min AMRAP

17 Burpee over bar
7 Power cleans
9 Front squats

Gymnastic Skills


Head stands - Hand stands - HS walk

Hollow hold - L-sit holds

Old school gym photo from the old gym 

250 Thrusters
250 Pull ups
Last years strength in depth team, we will be looking for another team for this years comp. Please email me if you are interested in representing the gym and wanna be considered. 

Met con/ Skills - 21 min EMOM

min 1 - 10 KB Swings
min 2 - 10 TTB
min 3 - Row 20/15 cals

Skill - Rope climbs
10 x 1

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Strength Day  Clean and jerk
- 10 min EMOM  1 x clean and jerk @80%
- Front Squat  3…

Red T-shirt Friday

Please ensure you book in for tomorrows In - house comp I need to plan the heats and sort prizes out for the winners 

In Partners complete the following

- 10 min Window

Find a 1RM Power snatch

score is combined weight

rest 3 mins

- 10 min Window

Find a 1RM Snatch balance

score is combined weight,

rest 3 min

- 10 min window

Find a 1RM snatch

score is combined weight
Birdy Boy

26 min AMRAP

19 Air Squats
89 Double unders
Please book in for this Saturdays In-House comp 
Just a reminded we use cleans to build explosive power, not slow movements

Strength day


10 x 1 Squat clean - building load, form focused

5 x 1 Front squat - building

5 x 1 Split jerk

Rowing intervals

5 x 500m

4 mins rest, so max effort rows


50 ring dips
Met-con - Hulk Hogan

Every 2 min for 20 mins

3 muscle ups
5 P.cleans
7 burpees

record slowest round

Metcon - For time

3 rounds
Run 500m
21 thrusters

Skill - for time
50 pul ups
Ring drills

Skin the cat

Muscle ups

Metcon - 18 min AMRAP
15 box jumps
12 push press

Skill - For time