Sunday, 17 May 2015

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1st of many newsletters - looking to keep you all up to date with activities, programming, members of the month and any other news. If you have anything coming up you want me to share please email me. 


After a great few weeks with members hitting PB’s on lifts and benchmark WODs, we are taking the load off and focusing on form with the classes.
I am starting to see form suffer to get through particular WODs because the load is too heavy or because you need to beat a time or score on the white board.
We will be removing the clock and white board from sessions for a while to ensure form is the main focus, then, you might learn something. 

Whilst this doesn’t mean you can take it easy and slack off, it should shift your focus into moving better.
All too often we see people sacrifice good form for the sake of finishing a bit quicker, or beating their mate in the WOD.
They count reps that don’t meet the required standard and allow themselves to get away with poor movement and poor standards.
One thing that will help you get even more PB’s, make you WOD faster and get better scores is getting back to basics and really working on your technique. Move better = Be better.


In other News, Hannah and I will be competing in “The British Championship” in London on the 4th and 5th July. It would be great for you all to come along and experience a Competition with some of the best Athletes in Britain, along with supporting Hannah and myself, who will be competing in her 1st individual competition. If you would like tickets please click here let me know if you are coming so we can plan accommodation.  

Those of you looking to get into competitions, team events are a great way to get your 1st experience. There’s a large group of members attending Wild West this year, for more details please drop me an email or click here

There is another up and coming event called Battle of the Beasts, which will be open for registration 1st June click here for details. 

For those that want to compete please email me your weaknesses and I will try and help you improve through programming and drills  

Whats coming up

Bring a Friend Day…
Here at CrossFit Bournemouth we have a few events coming up; in June we will be having bring a friend day, something I’m looking forward to seeing.  Team up with your mate or other half for a WOD and see what they’re made of, whilst of course having lots of fun and promoting our amazing community.

CFB in-house comp
We will have another in-house competition for all members, the more people that turn up means more categories. I would love to have a BD, Pup and Cats category for both sexes to make a great day for all to enjoy. Whenever we hold these events everyone comes away with a new drive to work weaknesses, plus it gives you something to train for. 

Most improved 

The following guys and girls have been voted as Most Improved through their improvement through strength, gymnastics and engine. They have shown an understanding of the programming and have worked on form to improve their weaknesses

Coach Joe - Jay 
Coach Birdy - Luke S 

Coach Fon - Robyn  

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