Monday, 23 February 2015

deload week


With the Open starting this Friday with WOD 15.1, we will be changing the thursday Barbell class to skills to work on kipping, rebounds, double under and general movement tekkers for the next 5 weeks.

We will also be focusing on more form than volume this week to ensure everyone is happy with movements going into the 1st WOD of the open, which means a decrease in strength focus. If you have any particular concerns with movements please email me and Ill try to cover them over the next few weeks.

With those of you doing the Open who feel you will make top 40 then yes you will need to record your attempts, otherwise we will just judge you as a group to ensure you all push each other.

Once you have completed the WOD please post your score online so saturday I can approve your score, lets focus on 1 attempt so treat it as a comp and prep well for it.

I am thinking about doing a Social at the end of the open let me know your thoughts

todays WOD

Metcon - Karen
150 Wall Balls for time

Oly - 15 mins
working on 3- 5 rep Snatch tekkers

Strength - Squat therapy
Mobility focus - hip range, ankle mobility drills

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