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Open WOD 15.1

9 min AMRAP

15 TTB
10 deadlifts 52/34
5 Snatch 52/34


6 min time cap

1 rm clean and jerk
Tekkers - Barbell cycling

Clean and jerks
Metcon - 3 rft

10 deadlift
10 bar facing burpees

Strength - 3 x 1 min L - sit hold
Met-con - 12 min AMRAP
50 Double unders
20 kb swings
7 jerks

Skill - Kipping

deload week

With the Open starting this Friday with WOD 15.1, we will be changing the thursday Barbell class to skills to work on kipping, rebounds, double under and general movement tekkers for the next 5 weeks.

We will also be focusing on more form than volume this week to ensure everyone is happy with movements going into the 1st WOD of the open, which means a decrease in strength focus. If you have any particular concerns with movements please email me and Ill try to cover them over the next few weeks.

With those of you doing the Open who feel you will make top 40 then yes you will need to record your attempts, otherwise we will just judge you as a group to ensure you all push each other.

Once you have completed the WOD please post your score online so saturday I can approve your score, lets focus on 1 attempt so treat it as a comp and prep well for it.

I am thinking about doing a Social at the end of the open let me know your thoughts

todays WOD

Met-con - 10 min AMRAP
60 bar facing burpee
30 clean and jerk

Skill - 3 x 10 SHSPU

Strength - pull ups
5 x 3 weighted pull ups
Oly - Snatch

1 x high hang snatch + hang snatch + snatch balance

focus on - hip ext
catch position
Met-con - 18 min AMRAP

15 box jumps
12 push press

Strength - 1RM Bench

Happy birthday Chatty

Someone tells me its chatty's birthday, enjoy your twist

Met-con - In Teams of 3
5 rounds
200m Run
15 push ups

Skill - 3 x 20 Unbroken Pull ups

This will be your last hard week next week we will be dropping the volume for a deload week to recover from the past few weeks, working more skill and form ready for Open month

Met-con - 50 Dips
Air Squat

Retest compare time

Oly - 1 RM Hang clean

Strength - 20RM Back Squat
Met-con - 8min AMRAP
15 Front Squats
12 Push press

Skill - 10 x 1 Rope Climbs

Strength - 1 RM weighted dip
Met-con - FRAN
Pull ups

Strength - Back Squat
2 x 10 - based off 3 weeks ago numbers
Met-con - 3 rounds
1000m Run
100 Double unders

Skill - 75 TTB
Met-con - Open WOD
10 min AMRAP
10 Deadlifts
15 Box jumps

Oly - Hang snatch
7 x 1 - Form focused

Strength - Front Squat
1 RM

Team WOD Saturday

20 min AMRAP
1 person runs/rows
1 person KB lunges
1 person rest

rotate once a length of lunges is performed

score is total distance run/row

Met-con - ON going AMRAP

4 min AMRAP
15 thrusters
15 CTB
Repeat every 4 mins, if you fail to finish 3 rounds your out

Skill - 3 x ME HSPU

Strength - Find a 1RM deadlift in 15 mins
Oly - Snatch

1 x Power Snatch + snatch Balance

focus - pull from floor
bar path
catch position

Squat range
Met-con - For time
1000m Row

this should be an all out effort

Strength - 1RM Push press

Midline - tabata
Matt Chan doing a KB SDHP

Met-con - For time
100 thrusters
100 SDHP

Skill - 3 x ME CTB
2 x ME Kipping pull ups
1 x Strict pull ups
Met-con - 10min AMRAP 
30 double-unders
power snatches, 15 reps

Oly - 20RM Jerk 
Strength - Back Squat  find a 1RM