Monday, 15 December 2014

Xmas and New year closing times

Saturday 20th - 930 class fancy dress WOD only
Mon 22nd Dec - Normal hours
Tues 23rd Dec - Normal hours
Weds 24th Dec - 730am and 9am (30 people)
Thurs 25th Dec - Closed - WOD to be posted
Fri 26th Dec - Closed - WOD to be posted
Sat 27th Dec - 930 turkey blow out

Mon 29th Dec - Mon 5th Jan - We are closed for maintenance work

During the festive period I will post WODs to do at home and keep an eye on twitter and Facebook for organised bike rides and runs use this time to recover and mobilise for start of Jan. Lets have more of the same come Jan 5th 2015 as this year has been an amazing year.


Garry Taylor said...

I am happy to lead some rides and runs while the BOX is closed i will try and post on FB as well, let me know if you are interested...

CrossFit Bournemouth said...

nice one gary send me over some dates and times so I can inform everyone