Wednesday, 17 December 2014

6 week challenge

Starts 5th Jan - 16th Feb 2015

Anyone looking to measure changes and see differences over the year.

Whats involved 
On the 5th Jan 2015, coach Martyn will take members measurements from 4 places on the body and retest on the 16th Feb. I will only allow a 1 day window from these two dates to ensure its a fair reading. The winner will receive some prizes and PT package.

How its different
Those who commit to the 5th Jan 2015 will get another 4 measurement during the year to ensure you keep on track.

TBC April, TBC June, TBC Aug, TBC Oct

We will also track who has made the most improvement over these dates and prizes will be had for those who improve the most. This is the 1st time we have offered a years worth of measurements for one price.

What else

Over the year we will offer nutritional seminars with support from Kratos, Purepharma and other local nutritionist offering some guidance on supplements and diet planning to aid you.



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