Thursday, 28 August 2014

Results - 
Some of you need to take a look at why your not improving this may be due to a lack of rest or not working on your weaknesses. Thursdays seem to be the quietest day but those that show up have improved massively ask yourselves why they have. Through drilling your olympic lifting on a thursday you are not working cardio so your body will target a different energy system. 

Class options - 
If you struggle with lifts within a WOD due to mobility, strength or technique then thursday and saturdays are the day for you. If you struggle to keep moving during a WOD then tuesday and thursdays endurance is for you this will build your engine. If gymnastic movements i.e.- bodyweight stuff then monday and wednesdays gymnastic class will teach you body stability, mobility and control. 

Please please try to plan your week around the classes you need to work on rather than cherry picking because you see a WOD you like rather than working on the areas of your FITNESS that you struggle with example is ESE went away and worked on his gymnastics and endurance for a month or more and still manages to Clean 130 kg 

Oly - Snatch balance 

Work to a heavy arm


10 min emom 2x squat snatch


Run or Row - 4min work, 4 min rest, 4 min work, 3 min rest, 4 min work, 2 min rest, 4 min work, 1 min rest, 4 min work 

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