Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Please post a comment why you keep coming back best comment wins some stash 

WOD - 2 rounds
2k run, 
60 push ups, 
30 pull ups, 
15 OH squats

Extras - 3 rounds 
5 - 10 HSPU 

Endurance - 

Run - 200m rest 30 sec 

Row - 250m rest 30 sec 


Joshy said...

I'm scared that if I don't keep coming back phat john will be in better shape than me..

Unknown said...

Because one day I want to be able to do what the big kids can do and not have to use the rings or bands to help me and nobody ever tells me I won't get there.

Garry Taylor said...

I come back becasue i love the post WOD buzz oh and i want to be able to do the stuff the grownups do!

Unknown said...

This is Crossfit?
Ooops, I thought it was the sex dungeon opposite.
No wonder that John White won't put out....

Anna said...

Because I need to lose weight and run faster and for longer distances, so when the Zombie apocalypse comes, I can escape and save myself!#survivalofthefittest

Catherine said...

Because my slim, toned, fit body isn't quite visible yet under all the flab.

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