Thursday, 8 May 2014

How much volume can you handle before intensity decrease ????????

Where are you at ? are you peaking ? have you improved ? do you feel stronger ?

If your losing intensity decrease your volume until you can handle 6 days a week, if you need a rest day in the week take one, if you need two take two you won't miss out on anything as your be fresh to smash what ever day you turn up on rather than doing it half hearted because you feel you need to turn up. If you find your engine is the issue as you hit a wall mid WOD use the endurance programming to increase your recovery times and delay that wall hitting so early and stick with it not change because you fancy the WOD.

WOD  - Split jerk left and Right foot

CF Endurance -

Run/Row - 7 mins work, 4 min Rest  

NB- looking at 4-5 rounds attack what your weak at

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