Monday, 12 May 2014

Coach Shan's programming

Great job from team CFB this weekend came home with a 2nd everyone that was present smashed it and has come away with positives and negatives from the weekend. The biggest positive is that we smashed the standards no dumping was allowed, a lot of no reps went out to other teams due to bad movement standards which is why we are so strict on you guys. Great work from those that took part and for you guys at home we are strict for this reason alone.

Programming for todays WOD is by Coach shan

Strength - Find a 2RM Back squat

WOD - 9 - 6- 3

Unbroken Clean and jerk

NB - You will have 10 mins per 9,6,3 reps 30 mins in total

Gymnastic - 3 rounds

5-10 unbroken pull ups  

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