Monday, 28 April 2014

Happy birthday Pippa

Happy Birthday PipDip

I will now be posting strength extras 3 days a week for those of you who wanna increase your strength numbers, we will only be coaching the WOD for the time being. I have also added gymnastic classes Monday 7-8pm and Wednesday 6-7pm these will be taken by Claire and myself looking at movement patterns and mobility in those movements.

So what you'll see is the following per week

Mon, Wed, Fri will have a strength movement posted

Tues, Thurs and Sun will have some form of Endurance session posted.

Mon and Wed you'll have a gymnastic class

Saturday will be Olympic Lifting day

Class WODs will cover everything that is CrossFit like you have seen the past few weeks, we will no longer be focusing on one aspect of Fitness but will be looking at the 10 principles of fitness.

Mondays Session will look as follow-

Strength - Work to a heavy 5RM Press

WOD - PipDip

For time

4 Rounds
7 Snatches
21 Double unders
rest 2 mins
4 rounds
7 C&J
21 Double unders
rest 2 mins
4 rounds
21 Double unders

20 min Time Cap

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