Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Happy birthday Ese

Happy Birthday ESE

Todays WOD


150 Wall Balls

5 burpee EMOM

Time Cap - 20 mins

CrossFit Endurance 

Warm Up - 10 mins jog/row no straps
10 mins hip/ankle mobility

This is a intro to CrossFit endurance, please stick to the warm up and volume. These work outs will be posted Tues, Thurs and Sunday and will need you to do on your own unless you book in for 6pm and you can work with a group  

When working repeats we are looking for times to stay within 8 sec, if you are doing the runs please ensure you buy a good watch to help with your training

Run - 8 Repeats x 200m, rest 2:1 or 3 mins (Green lamp post and back)

Row - 8 repeats x 500m, rest 2:1 or 3 mins

- post times & name in comment section so I can see

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