Sunday, 5 January 2014

12 week challenge

When ?

Official start date - Monday 6th Jan 

End date - Saturday 29th March 

Why ? 

We will be running 12 week challenge starting monday we will cover some 1RMs along with some body weight movements and then retesting in 12 weeks to see what has improved so we can plan for our next block of conditioning. We did a 6 week challenge last year but after some long thinking I feel 12 weeks will be better as we have to consider the Open within this. 

Extras -

I will also be taking body fat measurements to see where we are at the start of the year to retest again in 12 weeks those of you interested in this its £5 per person and the winner for most improved across a broad range of results will receive a prize. If you wanna take part in this please arrive early to have your measurements taken


CrossFit Totals - Back squat, press, deadlift
New Crossfit totals - Over head squat, beach press, clean

Gymnastic -
Max effort - Pull Ups, Ring Dips, HSPU, Air Squats, burpees

Aerobic - 500m Run and Row, Double Unders, 1000m run/row, Box jumps

For those of you that do not have a training diary this is the perfect time to by one or purchase one from me for £10 to track your progressions. The gym diaries have max rep scores, bench mark and hero wods within them so you can see what your strengths and weaknesses are and what you have got better at.

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