Monday, 28 October 2013 recap

Quick Reminder of whats more important 

After the last month of we have seen some long WODs and we've seen lots of gymnastic movements that have tested us as athletes. The reason behind .com was to see how you found the movements and combinations along with the active rest days that they use. The general feedback that Ive had is positive, people have been able to develop there skills on the rest days to improve performance in WODs.

So looking at the above diagram we see nutrition is the most important aspect of life and sport so I will be running a Nutrition and performance day on the 9th November with xmas in mind. I will speak about the Zone approach which I have followed along side .com along with a few others. I will also speak about performance matters in terms of extras, goats how to structure your week to benefit you in recovery and specific focus on weaknesses.

The programming will continue to have rest days in the week with skill focus being number 1, I will also be using a A,B,C structure for athletes at different levels and focus due to feedback some members are looking for extra gymnastic guidance and some more strength and olympic lifting.

todays wod 

For Time

1000m Row
50 Wall balls
15 MU/30 Pull ups

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